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NOTE: Recently, a lot of people are signing up for accounts who are not members of the SCA's College of Arms or participants in their respective kingdom's College of Heralds. While this is not a problem, please realize that even with a validated account, unless you are a participant in commenting and your kingdom or another kingdom's principal herald decides that you should have either reading or commenting rights, an account will give you absolutely nothing beyond what can be seen without one. This means that if you're just checking the status of your submission, an account is unnecessary, since it will not give you any additional information.

A longer and more extended use policy will eventually go here. For now: be nice. Not being nice will get your account locked.

Colors on the colored emblazons are NOT to be taken as a true representation of the colors on the submission forms.

Please DO NOT use your heraldic title as your username unless it is your extraordinary title.

Lastly, sign up as yourself. If you change position, there is no need to change accounts. Your title and permissions can be changed by your PH or Laurel, and OSCAR retains historical data -- if Sally is Green Kumquat herald, the Green Kumquat LoCs will always remain labeled as from Green Kumquat, they won't change to "Sally" LoCs when Sally becomes Blue Aardvark Herald.


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