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Atenveldt LoP dated 2018-04-30



Letter of Presentation Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Their Royal Majesties Marek and Golda; Baron Seamus MacDade, Aten Principal Herald; Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

Please consider the following submissions for inclusion in the May 2018 Atenveldt Letter of Intent. Please have commentary for this letter by 20 May 2018.

1: Kim Samguk -New Name & New Device

Sable, tiger rampant Or marked sable, on a chief Or a bow sable.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No minor changes.
Sound most important.
Language (Korean) most important.
Culture (Korean) most important.

The name is Korean. Traditional Korean names consist of two parts, a family/clan name, followed by a given/personal name. The client has based his name choices on the Three Kingdoms period from 57 BC to 668 AD (https://www.britannica.com/topic/Three-Kingdoms-period), The Hangul writing system consists of 24 letters (14 consonants and 10 vowels) (https://www.britannica.com/art/Korean-literature#ref1050379; ).

Kim, "gold," is a family name of a group that rose to power and became the rulers of Silla for seven centuries (https://www.britannica.com/story/why-are-so-many-koreans-named-kim). The name is not considered presumptuous, as the clan was so huge that it remains the most common family name in Korea today. Samguk demonstrates the two-element naming process (sam, "three," and guk, "kingdoms") (https://www.ancient.eu/Samguk_Sagi/). I'm not sure if this would be an appropriate given name.

2: Moye Varr -Resub Name & Resub Device

Per fess potenty argent and gules, in chief an eagle rising, wings elevated and addorsed sable.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.

The previous name submission, Móivar Vignirson, had multiple issues and was returned by Laurel January 2016. This is a complete redesign.

The name is English. Richard Moye has a christening date of 9 Sep 1582 in Holy Trinity, Conventry, Warwick, England.(Batch C04192-2, https://www.familysearch.org/search/search/record/results?count=20&query=%2Bsurname%3AMoye~%20%2Bbir th_place%3AEngland~%20%2Bbirth_year%3A1500-1650~).

Thomas Varr has a christening date of 3 Oct 1554 in Epworth, Lincoln, England (Batch C01944-4, https://www.familysearch.org/search/record/results?count=20&query=%2Bsurname%3AVarr%20%2Bany_place%3 AEngland~%20%2Bany_year%3A1500-1650~).

The previous device submission, Per fess Or and sable, a double-headed eagle sablt and a lightning bolt bendwise sinister argent with an annulet rayonny on its outer edge Or., was returned for multiple issues by Laurel January 2016. This is a complete redesign.

3: Moye Varr -New Badge

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Per bend sinister Or and sable, a double-headed eagle and a Catherine's wheel counterchanged.

Thank you for your consideration of these submissions!

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Parhelium Herald

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716



OSCAR counts 2 Names, 2 Devices and 1 Badge. There are a total of 5 items submitted on this letter.