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Avacal Kingdom ILoI dated 2018-09-04


We had a few pended items from our July letter for "re-review" and will add to our decision meeting on September 24. Thank you for your assistance.

1: Ívarr Røriksson the Black -Resub Name & Resub Device

Per chevron throughout sable and vert, a boars head cabossed argent, in chief a crown, an orle of chain Or

Ívarr - masculine given name, GB p. 12

Røriksson -

Røriksson - Academy of St. Gabriel report #1892 [www.s-gabriel.ord/1892] states:

<Rurik>, the name that <Rurikson> is based on, is a Russianized form of the

Viking-era name <R{o|}rik>, which is found in Denmark in your period and later (the {o|} stands for an <o> with a slash through it). The languages of Denmark and Sweden were quite similar through the 1200s, and we are confident that <R{o|}rik> is also appropriate for Sweden. A person whose father was named <R{o|}rik> would be called <R{o|}riks son>. (6)

Footnote (6) is cited as Knudsen, Gunnar; Marius Kristiansen; & Rikard Hornby, _Danmarks Gamle Personnavne_, Vol. I: Fornavne (Copenhagen: 1936-48), s.n. R{o|}rik

the black-

Geirr Bassi (op. cit., p. 28) gives inn svarti as a descriptive byname meaning "the black".

A Page From the Boke: Old Norse Names Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Uckelman)



Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Uckelman)


both provide adequate documentation for the translation of inn svarti to "the black". Using SENA 1.B.2.c, Lingua Anglica, translation is acceptable.

Appendix A allows the construction: given name (Ívarr) + patronymic (Røriksson) + descriptive byname converted to modern English (the black)

Redraw has been approved by client and on file with the submisisons herald. Viscounty, Avacal Feb 22 2003; Knight An Tir Oct 9 1999.

2: Kerry Garadh -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in August of 2015, via Avacal.

Per fess embattled azure and argent, three reremice argent and a church bell azure in base.

Pended item from last KLOI. Bell type has been approved by the client for the redraw. Following up with email for final redraw approval prior to sending to up to Laurel.

Correction to Device (2018-Sep-07 08:09:53):

Yours in service,

Avacal College of Heralds

OSCAR counts 1 Name and 2 Devices. There are a total of 3 items submitted on this letter.