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Gleann Abhann GA iLOI dated 2017-01-16

Unto the good commentators who are reading this letter on this fine winters day, I offer a belated Happy New Year.

1: Balthasar Schabel -New Name & New Device

Per bend sinister bevilled fesswise gules and sable. in chief dexter a leopard argent spotted sable.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Language (German) most important.

Balthasar - Medieval German given names from Silesia; see attached


Schabel - submitter wishes to use his mundane name for his SCA last name. A Valid government id was submitted as proof

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:
#1 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/2179/2017-01-06/14-05-53_Balthasar-name-doc1.jpg
#2 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/2179/2017-01-06/14-05-54_Balthasar-name-doc2.jpg

2: Jamys Chapman -New Name & New Device

Vert, a pale sable fimbriated, in canton an hourglass Or.

No major changes.

Jamys - from the books "can use" from the SCA heraldic website

Chapman - the name comes from the tax rolls from 1532 York, Drop dead rolls of York 1532

3: Muirgel O'Maoileoin -New Name & New Device

Muirgel O'Maoileoin

Azure, a sparrow volant rising Or, on a base engrailed a three ivy leaf vine vert.

No major changes.

Muirgel - middle Irish Gaelic(900-1200) for Muirgel


O'Maoileoin - Irish Central.com Malone Irish derivation:O'Moileon meaning follower of John counties: Offaly Clare and West Ford


Author Rev Patrick Woulfe

Date 1923

Source Irish Names and Surnames

Ó MAOILEÓIN--I--O Mullone, O Melone, O Malone, Malone; 'descendant of Maoleóin' (servant of St. John); the name of a distinguished ecclesiastical family at Clonmacnoise, of which several O'Malones were abbots and bishops. In the 17th century, they rose to power and influence as landed proprietors, and after 1691 seem to have thrown in their lot with the English. Anthony Malone was a celebrated figure in Irish public life about the middle of the 18th century. His nephew, Richard Malone, was in 1785 created Baron Sunderlin; while another nephew, Edmond Malone, was the celebrated Shakesperian commentator.


4: Sárán mac Sáráin -New Release of Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in March of 2015, via Gleann Abhann.

Quarterly glues and argent, a fess checky argent and glues.

Old Item: Gules, a yale rampant Or within an orle of bezants., to be released.

Correction to Device (2017-Jan-18 05:01:38): I have the wrong device to be released. The device being released is: Vert, an escallop inverted ermine. The one i have listed in the letter is a badge that he wishes to keep.

5: Sarena Maria del Sarto -New Name & New Device

Azure, an owl close gurdant argent, a gore Or.

No major changes.

Sarena - is an Italian female name found in the "Can Use" on the heraldic website


Maria - is an Italian female name found in the "Can Use" on the heraldic website


del Sarto - (Andrea del Sarto 1486-1530) an Italian born painter



Yours in humble service

Gaius Primus

Moonestone Herald

Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

OSCAR counts 4 Names and 4 Devices. There is 1 release. There are a total of 9 items submitted on this letter.