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Gleann Abhann GA iLOI dated 2016-07-30

Unto the good commenters does Isabel Moonestone offer greetings on this hot and wet summer day. You have my wishes for good health and prosperity.

Please find below the internal letter for Gleann Abhann:

1: Caroline Ronneaux -New Name & New Device

Or, a fleur de lys within an annulet of eight hearts azure.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Client requests authenticity for 15th Century.
Language (French) most important.

Caroline: Personal feminine name found in the 16th century; Dauzat (publisher Laicousse, 1951), pg. 89, column 2

Ronneaux: French surname found in the 16th century; Dauzat, pg. 526, column 2 (Also found in Morlett (publisher Perrin, 1991, 1997), pg. 861).

2: Cordeilla Sharpe -New Name & New Device

Azure, a beehive and on a chief argent, three pears vert.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Sound (Cor-deal-ya) most important.

Cordeilla: Female English personal name. Spelling found in Geoffrey of Monmouth, Regnum Brittanae, published in 1136.

Withycombe, pg. 74, name example - Cordilia Harvey was buried at St. Martin in the Fields in 1636.

Sharpe: English surname. Bardsley, pg. 681-682. Name example - Anne, daughter of Edward Sharpe, baptized in St. Jas, Clerkenwell, London 1589

3: Dirk Sharpe -New Name & New Device

Per fess Or and argent, three anvils and an ox head cabossed sable.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Sound (Dirk Sharp) most important.

Dirk: male given name, Dutch, 1358-61. The source of this name is "De rekeningen van de grafelijkheid van Holland uit de Beirse periode, deel: 1358-61, a collection of Dutch trade documents with listings from 1358 to 1361." on St. Gabriel. http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/dutch/earlydutch14.html

Sharpe: Surname, English, 1296. From Reaney and Wilson, Dictionary of English Surnames, pg 403.

According to SENA, Dutch and English names can be mixed within the years 1100-1600. http://heraldry.sca.org/sena.html#AppendixC

4: Ffenn Barwyk, Shire of -Resub Branch Name & New Device

Per fess argent and vert, three bull rushes proper and a laurel wreath argent.

No major changes.
Meaning (Ffenn's Farm) most important.

Previously submitted and returned within Kingdom, as the Shire of Dim Gerllaw. As the name could not be found to have any precedent within period, it was returned with several suggestions for a more period name formation.


The pattern comes from "Compound Place Names in English" by Juliana de Luna http://medievalscotland.org/jes/EnglishCompoundPlacenames -- Pattern Two: Placename with surname preceding

Ffenn: a surname dated to 1576 s.n. Fenn in Aryanhwy merch Catmael's "Dictionary of Tudor London Names" http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/english/tudorlondon.pdf

Barwyk: A berewik is an outlying place or farm -- one that is near nothing. Dated examples in the Middle English Dictionary s.n. bē̆r(e-wī̆k (n.) are:

Berwicha (1168)

Berewic (1220)

Berewyke (1256, 1287)

Berewike (1316)

Berwyk (1361)

Berewyk (1399)

Barwyk (1449)

Berewik is also possibly a toponym, to which modifiers can be added. The MED s.n. bē̆r(e-wī̆k (n.) has <de la Berewyke> (1248)

'A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames: With Special American Instances'. Charles Wareing Endell Bardsley.

pg. 97, 'Berwick - Local, 'of Berwick-on-Tweed'

'Wiliam de Berwyk, cotoler, 18 Edw. II: Freeman of York, i. 22"

'Joannes de Berwyk, 1379; P.T. Yorks, pg 252'

'1616. Michael Berwicke, co. Notts: Reg Uni. Oxf. vol ii pt ii, pg 354.'

Petition for the name and device was sent and will be included in the packet.

5: Isabeau de Dragonne -New Name & New Device

Sable, a dragon displayed between two fleur-de-lys argent.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Client requests authenticity for 15th Century.
Language (French) most important.

Isabeau: feminine personal (French) 15th century found in Dauzat pg. 337. Name example: Isabeau de Baviere, femme de (wife of) Charles VI of France (1368-1422).

Dragonne: French surname found in Dauzat pg. 347 in XVI century (1501-1599)

6: Jacquette d'Anjou -Resub Device Change

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Jacquette d'Anjou in November of 2011, via Meridies.

Gules, a tulip slipped and leaved argent, and in chief two sets of three crescents in pall, conjoined at points to center Or.

Old Item: Per fess embattled gules and sable, two squirels sejant erect respectant maintaining acorns and a grayhound couchant argent., to be retained as a badge.

Submitted as a badge on the Gleann Abhann LoI of 2014-08-22, https://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=100&loi=2795

it was returned on the 11-2014 LoAR. http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2014/11/14-11lar.html#Gleann_Abhann_returns15

However, since then we have found precedents that seem to allow this device to pass.

The stylized tulip has been passed here, for Ibrahim bin Ilyas bin Mustafa al-Haddad: https://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=145&id=65326

The three crescents conjoined at points to center (also known as a lunel) has two previous precedents:

Sumayya al Ghaziyya (AEthelmearc: 2014)

Fieldless) In pall three crescents conjoined at the tips purpure.


Aminah bint al-Hakam ibn Umayyah (Caid: 2013)

Gules, on a pile inverted between two sets of five crescents conjoined in annulo points inward Or five crescents conjoined in annulo points inward gules.


As stated in the acceptance of this badge, there are several Portugese families that use the four crescent arrangement, but there is one family, Froes, that uses a three crescent arrangement.

The precedents do make a convincing argument for the use of multiple lunels, or groups of crescents conjoined, points to center, on a device or badge.

In humble service, I do remain

Isabel Winterbourne

Moonestone Herald

Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

OSCAR counts 4 Names, 1 Branch Name, 5 Devices and 1 Device Change. There are a total of 11 items submitted on this letter.