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Lochac KLoI dated 2023-07-25

Greetings unto the Lochac College of Heralds and to all our fellows across the Known World who see this missive, from Sigrith Rocket, submissions deputy to Annys Crux Australis Principal Herald.

This letter will open for commentary by heralds from outside of Lochac on the 1st of August. Thank you for your patience.

Our monthly commentary meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd of August at 7pm Innilgard Time (5:30pm in Aneala, 7:30pm in River Haven and Stormhold, 9:30pm in Southron Gaard) in the Lochac Discord chat. All are welcome.

1: Angharad ferch Rheged -New Name Change (NP) & New Device Change

OSCAR NOTE: the old name was registered in June of 2021, via Lochac.

Vert, a chevron and in chief three cinquefoils argent.

Old Item: Florie Attewood, to be released.
Old Item: Vert, a winged stag segreant and on a chief argent three thistles vert, to be released.
Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Language/Culture most important.
Meaning most important.

Angharad (600AD)

"Based on Rhydderch's assigned date, she would presumably belong roughly to the late-mid 6th century... she appears to be the earliest known instance of the name Angharad, although Bartrum (WCD) lists a near explosion of women with the name in the 9-10th century, and it was extremely popular in the later medieval period."

Academy of St Gabriel - https://www.s-gabriel.org/names/tangwystyl/brythonic/angharad.html

Correction to Name (2023-Jul-25 07:07:41): Consulting Herald Margie of Glen More
Submitter is from Mordenvale

2: Angharad ferch Rheged -New Badge Change

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

a rabbit contourney sejant regardant argent

Old Item: Per fess vert and argent, a thistle counterchanged, to be released.

This is a fieldless badge.

Correction to Badge (2023-Jul-25 07:07:01): Consulting Herald Margie of Glen More
Submitter is from Mordenvale

3: Gaylord of Saint Monica -New Name (NP) & New Device

Argent, a chaplet of thorns gules and overall a Santiago cross sable.


Thomas Gaylord, male, married 11 Dec 1580, England.

Familysearch.org Batch no. M01025-5


SENA Appendix A notes that "surnames from the second half of the 16th C and early 17th C may be used as given names; they are treated as any other 16th C given name [Alton of Grimfells, 04/2010, AEast]."

of Saint Monica

The branch known as the College of Saint Monica, was registered in June 1989.

SENA PN1B2f allows for the creation of locative bynames from the names of registered SCA branches.

Correction to Name (2023-Jul-25 07:07:26): Consulting Herald ffride wlffsdotter
Submitter is from Saint Monica

4: Ollivier Le Floch -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in November of 2017, via Lochac.

Per pale argent and gules.

Correction to Badge (2023-Jul-25 07:07:04): Consulting Herald Ollivier Le Floch
Submitter is from Innilgard

5: Rachel of Saint Monica -New Release of Name (NP)

I, (name redacted), known in the SCA as Rúnfríðr Keiliselgr, hereby release my registered name Rachel of Saint Monica. I understand that this release of registration in permanent.

7/7/23 (signature)

Rúnfríðr Keiliselgr was accidentally registered as a new primary name without releasing or changing the registration of Rachel of Saint Monica, so both registrations are currently listed as separate primary names. The submitter would like her current device, Azure, on a cross nowy between in chief two trilliums inverted argent a triquetra purpure, to be attached to the name Rúnfríðr Keiliselgr.

I remain,

Sigrith parði

Rocket Herald

OSCAR counts 1 Name, 1 Name Change, 1 Device, 1 Device Change, 1 Badge and 1 Badge Change. There is 1 release. There are a total of 7 items submitted on this letter.