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Ealdormere ILoI dated 2017-08-27

Unto the most honourable members of the Ealdormere College of Heralds, and to its most distinguished external commenters, from Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, Green Mantle Herald Acting, greetings.

The following represent Ealdormere's Pennsic Submissions.

1: Agnes la Peintris -New Name & New Device

Azure, in pale a cat couchant argent and a paintbrush fesswise reversed Or, between three butterflies argent.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Meaning (Artist or painter) most important.

Agnes: Per Withycombe, SN Agnes (1187-1273).

Peintris: Per MED, Middle English form attested spelling peyntrys (c1450). Occupational, female painter. Per precedent, standard header forms in period languages such as Middle English and Old Norse are registerable. la: Per MED feminine definite article "la", found in name Agnes la Hoderes, 1295.

2: Anabella Makmyllane -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in June of 2001, via the Middle.

Azure, in pale two annulets and a bordure Or.

This submission is to be associated with Annabelle Makmyllane

Correction to Badge (2017-Sep-17 08:09:01): The text on this one says it's to be associated with Annabelle Makmyllane. Should be corrected to match the spelling of her actual registered name.

3: Dubh Easa ingen Laoighsigh -New Name & New Device

Argent, nine hazelnuts purpure, and on a chief azure, an arrow argent.

Submitter desires a feminine name.

Client originally requested: Dubhease ingen Laoidheach for Oghamic

Dub Essa: Found in Dubh Essa sn Dub Essa (1051-1100) from Mari Elspeth nic Bryan's "Index of Names in Irish Annals" (http://medievalscotland.org/kmo/AnnalsIndex/Feminine/all.shtml).

ingen: (daughter of) - Middle Irish Gaelic (before 1200) - SENA Appendix A

Laoighsigh: genitive form of Laoighseach (1063) from Mari's Index (http://medievalscotland.org/kmo/AnnalsIndex/Masculine/Laigsech.shtml). Lenition is not required for patronymics beginning with L, per Sharon Krossa, "The Spelling of Lenited Consonants in Gaelic" (http://medievalscotland.org/scotlang/lenition.shtml).

4: Freydís Strengere -New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Meaning (Byname to indicate someone who works with string) most important.

Freydís: recorded as the name of Erik the Red's daughter as found in section 11 of Eiriks saga ravða(http://sagadb.org/file/pdf/eiriks_saga_rauda.on.pdf)


Strengr "player of string" - given as search for "string" in Cleasby/Vigfusson sourced to in Fick, Falk and Torp (1909) http://web.ff.cuni.cz/cgi-bin/uaa_slovnik/gmc_search_v3?cmd=formquery2&query=string&startrow=1

-ere, -er, es: m. as the termination of many nouns, signifies a person or agent, v. fulwer and fullere a fuller, bleacher, Mk. Bos. 9, 3: from wer a man; plegere a player; sǽdere a sower; wrítere a writer.Dictionary at http://bosworth.ff.cuni.cz/finder/3/player

Submitter is allowing all changes in order to ensure that any changes needed to accomplish the meaning she desires are able to be made.

5: Ingvarr rǫskvi Róðmarsson -New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.

Ingvarr: from "The Old Norse Name" by Geirr Bassi , p. 12, entry: Ingvarr

rǫskvi [rǫskvi]: from "The Old Norse Name" by Geirr Bassi , p. 26, entry: rǫskvi [rǫskvi]

(superscript) a H 'mature, vigorous, brave'

Róðmarsson [Róðmarsson]: Róðmarr [Róðmarr] is found in Fellows-Jensen, Gillian. Scandinavian Personal Names in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Copenhagen. Akademisk Forlag. 1968. Entry:p. 221, 346, 350 s.nn. Róðmarr,(H)róð-, -marr

(http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/ONMensNames.shtml#r) turned patronymic per Geirr Bassi p 17 by changing the fathers name to the genitive case "Róðmars" ["Róðmars"] and adding son.

CONSTRUCTION: SENA Appendix A, Scandinavian, Old Norse/Old Icelandic: Given + Descriptive + Patronymic

6: Lillian Scrivener -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in December of 2012, via Ealdormere.

Vert, in fess a mouse rampant contourny argent, sustaining a feather palewise Or.

As always, kindest thanks to all those who take the time to comment. Please join us for our Submission meeting scheduled for September.

OSCAR counts 4 Names, 2 Devices and 2 Badges. There are a total of 8 items submitted on this letter.