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Drachenwald ILoI dated 2018-07-13

DRACHENWALD HERALD TRIBUNE Volume 20, Issue 7 (July 2018)

To all wise and fair gentles who assist our Kingdom with commentary, and every one reading these words, sends Mór Albion her greetings!

Monthly timeline

  • Commentary on the submissions in this letter is due on July 28.
  • July Letter of Intent (LoI) will be assembled by the end of the month.

In Memoriam

Hear me Drachenwald, for a lord of your court, a companion of Lindquistring, and my brother, Albion Herald, Stefanu de Mohac, has left this world.
For years to come his beloved memory, so bright, shines on.

Changes in officers

  • On July 11 Schwarzdrachen Principal Herald has appointed Mór inghean Bhriain to the office of Albion Herald.
  • On July 11 Schwarzdrachen Principal Herald has appointed Anna de Byxe to the office of Edelweiss Herald.

Challenge in the arts of heraldic display at Raglan Fair

Let it be proclaimed unto all whom these words may read that Aarnimetsä greets thee and sends salutations and good tidings.

We make it no secret that the proceedings of heraldry have long been close to our heart and we have celebrated all shows and advances the good people of this Kingdom have made in this glamorous field. But there is more ground to be gained, and lately we have turned our eyes on nurture and fostering of displaying arms in full achievement, as well as encouragement of making all other kinds of fine and noble sport of heraldic display.

Thus do we Aarnimetsä invite you as our allies in growing heraldic splendour to new heights, and wish to sponsor a challenge in the arts of heraldic display. We encourage and invite especially all shows of full achievement of arms, but welcome attendance in any and all forms of heraldic display you wish to exhibit at the Raglan Fair of the year of our Society fifty and three. This giving you all time during which to seek advice at heraldic visitation and commission the fine works of heraldic display. We aim to personally visit the Fair of Raglan at that year 53 to greet the Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis as friends, and bring price to the grandest heraldic display. May the muses of heraldry bless your wit and your hand.

Baron and Baroness of Aarnimetsä

Tidings from the previous month

Mór inghean Bhriain, as Edelweiss Herald, has published the Drachenwald LoI dated 2018-06-30.

The following submissions were forwarded to Laurel:

  • Aarnimetsä, Barony of - Resub Badge: (Fieldless) Five bees conjoined in annulo heads to center Or.
  • Adeline Frost - New Name
  • Adeline Frost - New Device: Azure, a fox rampant and on a chief argent three columbine flowers azure.
  • Arianna Weidseckerin - Resub Device: Per bend sinister argent and purpure, three ears of wheat bendwise sinister embowed argent.
  • Gracia Ferraro da Varena - New Name
  • Margareta Blacke - New Release of Alternate Name Margareta Blacke of York
  • Margareta Blacke - Resub Badge: (Fieldless) A rose Or and a rose argent conjoined at the stem, slipped and leaved vert, barbed and seeded proper.
  • Mirabillis Graffaro da Riva - New Name
  • Mirabillis Graffaro da Riva - New Device: Per pale azure and argent, a roundel and a ford proper counterchanged.
  • Rebecca of Flintheath - New Name
  • Rebecca of Flintheath - New Device: Quarterly vert and azure, a boar passant contourney and in chief three compass stars argent.
  • Rikissa Apilgaard - Resub Device: Gules, fretty Or, a bend embowed engrailed on the upper edge, each point conjoined to a roundel argent.

The following submissions were temporarily pended:

  • Dun in Mara, Shire of -New Branch Name Change & New Device Change
  • Kamiya Murasaki -New Name & New Device
  • Katherina Bakere -New Name & New Device
  • Samuel of Eplaheimr -New Name & New Device
  • Trygge inn Græni -New Name & New Device

The following submissions were returned for further work:

  • None

1: Alfarinn Refr -New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Client requests authenticity for Old Norse, Viking.
Sound (Alfarinn) most important.
Meaning (byname Refr means fox) most important.

Geirr Bassi p. 7 s.n. Alfarinn

Geirr Bassi p. 14 s.n. Refr

2: Elisabeth Thorbyornsdotter -New Name & New Device

Purpure, two lions guardant addorsed tails intertwined within a bordure flory counter-flory argent.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No holding name.
No changes.

Elisabeth is a female given name dated to 1286 in the will of <Elisabeth> Geredsdotter written in Latin. Riksarkivet SDHK No: 1346, see #1 and https://sok.riksarkivet.se/sdhk?SDHK=1346&page=1&postid=sdhk_1346&tab=post#tab

Thorbyorn is a male given name dated to 1389 in a diploma written in old Swedish about transfering the lands between two brothers and Thorbyorn Botolfsson. Riksarkivet SDHK No: 13606, see #2 and https://sok.riksarkivet.se/sdhk?EndastDigitaliserat=false&SDHK=13606&page=1&postid=sdhk_13606&tab=po st#tab

In Swedish the genitive of Thorbyorn is Thorbyorns.

-dotter is dated to 1399 in a diploma written in old Swedish on the gifting of land to a monastery by Benedicta Algutsdotter and her daughter Märta Jonsdotter. Their bynames use the commonly used abbrevation for -dotter (-dott) though the word daughter (dotter) is written in full. Riksarkivet SDHK No: 15147, see #3 and https://sok.riksarkivet.se/sdhk?EndastDigitaliserat=false&SDHK=15147&page=1&postid=sdhk_15147&tab=po st#tab

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:
#1 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/162/2018-07-13/07-09-27_Elisabeth_Thorbyornsdotter-name1_elisabeth.jpg
#2 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/162/2018-07-13/07-09-33_Elisabeth_Thorbyornsdotter-name2_thorbyorn.jpg
#3 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/162/2018-07-13/15-35-37_Elisabeth_Thorbyornsdotter-name3_dotter.jpg

3: Freydis Eriksdotter -New Name & New Device

Per fess vert and azure, an open book argent and a longbow drawn with arrow nocked Or.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Language most important.
Culture (viking) most important.
Meaning (daughter of Erik/Eirik) most important.

Freydis is found in Runnamnslexikon page 70. The name is found on a runestone in Sigtuna.

Freydis is also found on the webbsite vikinganswerlady.com, saying the name is found in Eiriks saga rauda dated to late 1100's and Graenlendinga saga 1382-1395.

The Byname Eriksdotter, can be divided to Erik and dotter. Erik is found in Runnamnslexikon page 262. Also Erik is found in SMP1 (Sveriges Medeltida Personnamn) on pages 694-768.

-dotter is a patronymic byname, found at http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/norse/sg-viking.html

More documentation can be found on a separate file: name_documentation.docx

4: Mór inghean Bhriain and Dubhghall mac Ébhearáird -New Household Name

OSCAR finds the name (Mór inghean Bhriain) registered exactly as it appears in December of 2007, via Drachenwald.
OSCAR finds the name (Dubhghall mac Ébhearáird) registered exactly as it appears in March of 1997, via Drachenwald.

Wolford Keep

No changes.

Wolford is an English placename, this spelling is dated to 1351 in Watts s.n. (Great) Wolford.

Keep has been allowed as a designator for a household name. June 2011 LoAR: Cassandra Attewoode. Household name Summers Keep (http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2011/06/11-06lar.html):

"The next question is whether Keep can be a designator, or whether this must be registered as something like Summers Keep House. We are willing to give the submitter the benefit of the doubt that the element Keep found in bynames and placenames is a word meaning something like "castle." As words like Castle can be registered either as designators or as substantive elements within a household name, we can register this as submitted."

Keep is discussed in Compound Placenames in English by Juliana de Luna (http://medievalscotland.org/jes/EnglishCompoundPlacenames/):

"Crest and Keep [...] can be used in contexts where such elements can be used (appended to existing placnames or after the name of an owning family)."

Wolford Keep follows the pattern [placename + Keep].

5: Uma, Shire of -Resub Device

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Argent, on a pale azure a salmon fish embowed sinister argent and overall a laurel wreath vert.

Administrative note: Uma, Canton of was registered in November 1994 via Drachenwald. Uma became a Shire in March 1997 when Nordmark became a Principality.

Petition of support dated 2018-06-13 and containing the signatures of five Shire officers is found in the package.

Submission history:

The branch arms for Uma were first returned in November 1994:

Uma, Canton of. Device. Vert, a birch tree and on a chief argent three laurel wreaths vert.

Conflicts with Shire of Cypress Hills (SCA), Vert, a tree blasted and eradicated, on a chief argent three laurel wreaths vert. There are technically no CDs between the two devices.

The first resubmission was returned in January 1998 (http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/1998/01/lar.html):

Uma, Shire of. Device. Argent, on a pale azure a salmon embowed contourny argent, overall a laurel wreath vert.

This conflicts with King of Caid Argent, on a pale azure, a crescent argent., and College of Blaiddwyn Argent, on a pale gules a wolf sejant affronty argent overall a laurel wreath vert. The first has a CD for the wreath and the second has one for the tincture of the pale, but RFS X.4.j.ii does allow its application in the presence of overall charges (which are not "entirely on the field"); lacking that application there is no CD for type only of tertiary in either case.

The second resubmission was returned in October 2001:

Uma, Shire of. Device. Argent, on a pale azure a salmon haurient embowed contourny in chief a compass star argent overall a laurel wreath vert.

It is not period style to have two different tertiary groups on the same underlying charge. The difference in scale between the salmon and the compass star makes the compass star appear to be in a subsidiary charge group to the salmon. There is precedent pertaining to this matter:

[returning A mullet Or charged with a fleur-de-lys florency between five daggers points outwards sable] None of the commenters could find a similar motif: a primary charged with a tertiary X and a group of five tertiary Y's. Barring documentation of such an arrangement of tertiary charges, we believe that the motif is not a period one and therefore unregistrable. [The submission was returned for this reason and for conflict.] (Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo, 10/95 p. 15)

In addition, the laurel wreath is not drawn correctly. "A properly drawn laurel wreath should not have sufficient room between its tips to place another charge. [Darkstone, College of, 02/00, R-Middle]"

Correction to Device (2018-Jul-14 05:07:57): The emblazon was accidentally omitted, the pictures are in the comments. - Mór Albion

Yours in Service,
Baroness Mór inghean Bhriain, Albion Herald

Submissions info: http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/content/submissions

OSCAR counts 3 Names, 1 Household Name and 3 Devices. There are a total of 7 items submitted on this letter.