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Drachenwald ILoI dated 2017-11-10

DRACHENWALD HERALD TRIBUNE Volume 19, Issue 11 (November 2017)

To all wise and fair gentles who assist our Kingdom with commentary, and every one reading these words, sends Mór Edelweiss her greetings!

Monthly timeline

Commentary on the submissions is due on November 24.

November Letter of Intent is assembled by the end of this month.

Please send content to the next DHT to Edelweiss Herald by December 5.

Tidings from previous month

Lord Stefanu de Mohac, Albion Herald, has published the Drachenwald LoI dated 2017-10-30.

The following submissions were forwarded to Laurel:

Astrid i Erismarc - Resub Device: Per fess engrailed azure and argent, a monster with the head and torso of a winged maiden argent crined and playing a recorder Or and the lower body of a sea-dog passant vert, between three seeblätter counterchanged.

Attemark, Shire of - New Badge: Per pale vert and Or, two chevronels counterchanged.

Drachenwald, Kingdom of - New Heraldic Title: Enfield Herald

Drachenwald, Kingdom of - New Badge: Pily Or and gules, a dragon passant coward sable engorged of a crown Or.

Kareina Talventytär - Resub Name Change (old name Kareina Talvi Tytär to be released.)

Lubna al-Zahra - New Name

Lubna al-Zahra - New Device: Sable, a date palm issuant from base argent, its trunk charged with a cinquefoil gules, all within a bordure argent semy of pellets.

Lubna al-Zahra - New Badge: (Fieldless) In pale a chevron couped raguly on the upper edge and conjoind to it a pair of shears fesswise sable.

Myfanwy Methig - New Name Change (old name Mevanwy Methig to be released.)

Nero Lupo - Resub Device: Vert, a wolf's head couped argent within a bordure argent golpy.

Þorbjǫrn árabrjótr - New Name

Þorbjǫrn árabrjótr - New Device: Argent, a bear's head cabossed sable and a base wavy gules.

The following submissions were returned for further work:


1: Ava van Allecmere -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2012, via Drachenwald.

(Fieldless) An owl displayed guardant argent maintaining two keys in saltire gules.

This submission is to be associated with Huys Uylenburgh

Huys Uylenburgh is a household name submitted in Drachenwald LoI 2017-07-30 (https://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=145&id=78005).

2: Borimir Zmei -New Name

No major changes.

Borimir is a constructed name. The submitter provides references for both the prototheme <Bori> and the deuterotheme <mir> from Dictionary of Period Russian Names by Paul Wickenden of Thanet.

Names with the prototheme <Bori> (http://heraldry.sca.org/names/paul/bl.html):

Borislav (m) -- "glorious fight." See also Boris.

Borislav. Second Half of 13th Century. [Art VI 91; #390]

Vars: Borisav. 1253. [Mor 22]

Borislaus. 14th Century. [Mor 22]

Borizlaus. 1231. [Mor 22]

Borzyslao. 1312. [Mor 22]

Burizlaus. 1203. [Mor 30]

Burizlav. 1231. [Mor 22]

Borivoi (m) --

Vars: Boriwoy. 1451. [Mor 22]

Pat Vars: Borivoevik (Desen' Borivoevik). 1248. [Mor 70]

Boriata (m) -- "take."

Vars: Borata. 1052. [Mor 23]

Pat Vars: Boriatinskii (Ivan Boriatinskii, Berezov governor). 1608. [RIB II 174]

Boriatinskoi (Vasko Boriatinskoi, Kaluga governor). 1622-7. [RIB II 395]

Borila (m) -- Borila. 1222. [Mor 22]

Borilo (m) -- Borilo. 1078. [Mor 22]

Borisav (m) -- var of Borislav.

Borisets (m) -- dim of Boris.

Boriuta (m) -- Boriuta. 1204. [Mor 23]

Vars: Boriuth. 1205. [Mor 23]

Names with the deuterotheme <mir> (http://heraldry.sca.org/names/paul/):

Stanimir (m) -- "stand on the earth."

Stanimir Ivanich. 1176. [Tup 371]

Vars: Stanomir. 1300. [Mor 184]

Spitimir (m) -- "speed/peace."

Spitimir. 1291. [Mor 183]

Vars: Spitomir. 930. [Mor 183]

Spycimir. 1295. [Mor 183

Sratsimir (m) -- Sratsimir. 1368. [Mor 183]

Pat Vars: Sratsimerovich [from Sratsimer] (Baosh Sratsimerovich). 1423. [Mor 7]

Stranimir (m) -- "country/peace."

Stranimir. c1176. [Mor 187]

Stroimir (m) -- "build peace."

Stroimir. c847. [Mor 188]

Vars: Strohimirs. 923. [Mor 188]

Bladimir (m) -- var of Vladimir.

Bogumir (m) -- "land to God."

Bogumir. 13th century. [Mor 16]

Boiomir (m) -- "fight for the land."

Boiomir. 720. [Mor 19]

Branimir (m) -- Branimir. 1000. [Mor 25]

Vars: Branimir'. 879. [Mor 25]

Bratimir (m) -- var of Bratomir.

Bratomir (m) -- "brotherly peace."

Bratomir. 1302. [Mor 26]

Vars: Bratimir. 1222-8. [Mor 26]

Brat'mir. 1222. [Mor 26]

Budimir (m) -- "to be peaceful."

Budimir. 1053. [Mor 29]

Iaromir (m) -- "light of the earth."

Iaromir. 1071. [Mor 213]

Vars: Jaromar. 1071. [Mor 213]

Jaromerus. 1071. [Mor 213]

Jaromir. 1071. [Mor 213]

Jeromerus. 1071. [Mor 213]

Jerrmarus. 1071. [Mor 213]

Jerumarus. 1071. [Mor 213]

Radomir (m) -- "joyous peace."

Radomir. 1222. [Mor 163]

Vars: Radimir. 1222. [Mor 162]

Ratmir. 1260. [Mor 162]

Redomer. 1246. [Mor 163]

Zmei is found in Dictionary of Period Russian Names by Paul Wickenden of Thanet (http://heraldry.sca.org/names/paul/z.html):

Zmei (m) -- "snake."

Dims: Zmeika (Fedor Ignat'ev syn Zmeika, blacksmith). 1629. [Tup 162]

Pats: Zmeev (Prokofii Zmeev, boiar's son). 1594. [RIB II 101]

Zmeika (m) -- dim of Zmei.

3: Estrid of Nordmark -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Drachenwald LoI of May 31, 2017 as submitted.

Purpure, three suns Or each charged with a heart gules.

The device was previously submitted in Drachenwald LoI 2017-05-31 (https://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=145&id=76074) and was returned in LoAR 08-2017 (http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2017/08/17-08lar.html#116), as Purpure, on a sun Or a heart gules.

This device is returned for conflict with Bruce of Brandy Hall, Purpure, on a sun Or a dagger gules. There is one DC for change of the type of tertiary charge.

This device is also returned for redraw. While it is decidedly a sun (as opposed to a mullet) due to the round shape from which the points issue, no part of the sun's central disk should touch the field. The points and/or rays should completely envelop the disk.

While there are early examples of suns with nothing but straight points - the arms of de la Haye in the Dering Roll, for example - a heraldic sun typically has wavy rays issuant from the central sphere, alternating with the points.

This is a redesign that has the suns drawn as instructed.

4: Insula Draconis, Principality of -New Order Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in June of 2004, via Drachenwald.

Saint Hild, Order of

No major changes.
Sound most important.

Notes for kingdom commentary:

Branch order name submission. The evidence of support required by DW CoH is sufficient. The order name is submitted by Princess of Insula Draconis.

This order name follows the period pattern of naming after a Saint's Name, identified in Medieval Secular Order Names by Juliana de Luna (http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/names/order/new/).

Order is a registrable designator (SENA Appendix E).

Saint is dated to 1308-9 in the Middle English Dictionary (https://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/m/mec/med-idx?type=id&id=MED39234):

s.n. seint(e (adj.): "(1308-9) Doc.Manor in MP 34 - 45: De Roberto Capellano qui fecit defaltum de arrura que vocatur Saint Edmundislode."

Hild is an English saint whose veneration is due to her inclusion in Bede's Historia ecclesiastica Anglorum, written c. 731; her name was spelled <Hild> in that source (cf. Anglo-Saxon Names by Ælfwyn æt Gyrwum, https://www.s-gabriel.org/names/aelfwyn/bede.html. Though the Historia was written n Latin, this name does not show any signs of Latinization (the expected form would be <Hilda>). That <Hild> is a plausible vernacular form contemporaneous with <Saint> is evidenced by the complex names containing the element <Gunhild> (1189) and <Sehild> (1189) (found in the Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources, Edition 2017, no.1. ed. S. L. Uckelman http://dmnes.org/2017/1/name/Gunhild and http://dmnes.org/2017/1/name/Sehild)

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:
#1 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/162/2017-11-10/14-41-06_Insula_Draconis-Order_of_St_Hild-name1.jpg

5: Joel Ben Stuart -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Drachenwald LoI of May 31, 2017 as submitted.

Azure, in pale a ram's head cabossed and a trireme under full sail Or.

The device was previously submitted in Drachenwald LoI 2017-05-31 (https://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=145&id=76069) and was returned in LoAR 08-2017 (http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2017/08/17-08lar.html#121), as Azure, in pale a ram's head cabossed and a ship under full sail Or.

This device is returned for redraw of the ship. No documentation was provided, and none could be found, for the type of ship depicted. It is not the late-period three-masted vessel we usually blazon as a "ship", and there are no internal details to allow us to identify it further. While internal detailing will certainly help with identification, we are not sure about the intent of the submitter here. Upon resubmission, the submitter should definitely include internal detailing, and either choose a ship type that has already been documented and registered, or otherwise provide documentation for this particular type of ship and its depiction.

This redraw seeks to address the problem.

6: Kata gyldir -New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Drachenwald LoI of September 30, 2017 as submitted.

Per saltire purpure and azure, a saltire Or between in pale a tree eradicated and a wolf rampant argent collared and chained Or.

The submission was previously returned in kingdom for a redraw due to unidentifiable secondary charges. (https://oscar.sca.org/kingdom/kingsingleitem.php?kingdom=14&id=79407)

This partial redesign seeks to address the problems.

7: Matthewe Baker -New Name & New Device

Per bend argent and Or, a lion rampant queue-fourchy azure and on a chief gules a cross formy between two spur rowels argent.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.

Matthewe is a male given name dated to 1547 in a FamilySearch record:

<Matthewe Hubbylday>, 21 Nov 1547. SAINT MARGARET,WESTMINSTER,LONDON,ENGLAND. Batch P00160-1.


Baker is a byname dated to 1544 in a FamilySearch record:

<Elynor Baker> 25 Jan 1544. GREAT BERKHAMPSTEAD, HERTFORD, ENGLAND. Batch C00807-5.


8: Patrick Cromwell -New Name & New Device

Gules, a balance and overall a rod of Aesculapius Or.

Submitter desires a masculine name.

Patrick is a male given name found in the Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names by E. G. Withycombe, p. 228:

s.n. Patrick (m.): "was common in the North of England from the 12th C (cf. the surnames Patrick(son)"

Cromwell is a byname found in SurnameDB (http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Cromwell):

"Arguably the most famous of all English surnames, and also one of the most noble.Nameholders have at various times held the titles of Lord Cromwell, baron of Tatshall in Lincolnshire, as well as the earldom of Essex and the earldom of Ardglass. The surname is locational and originates from a small village in the county of Nottinghamshire, where the original lord of the manor, one Ralph de Cromwella was first recorded in the pipe rolls of the county in the year 1177. The place name and hence the surname translates as "the winding stream" from the pre 7th century Olde English crumb-waella. Locational surnames are either those of the local landowner and his or sometimes her, descendants, or names given to people as easy identification after they left their original village to settle somewhere else. That the name travelled far and wide would appear to be shown by the recording of John de Crombewelle of the county of Devon in the year 1310. The family of the famous Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England (1600 - 1658), are however of Welsh origin, and descend from Sir Richard Williams who held extensive estates in Wales. He had a connection by marriage with the Cromwells, Lords of Hinchinbrooke, Huntingdonshire. For reason unexplained, at the "request" of King Henry V111th he changed his name to Cromwell. He was the great-great grandfather of Oliver Cromwell. The Cromwells from this branch however died out in 1821. There have been no less than thirteen coats of arms granted to members of the Cromwell name."

9: William de Chester -New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.

William is a male given name found in the Oxford Dictionary of English Given Names by E. G. Withycombe, p. 280:

s.n. William (m.): "introuced to England by the Normans in the 11th C, from which time it has held its place as one of the commonest men's names"

Chester is a byname dated to 1332 in the Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames by Reaney & Wilson, p. 92:

s.n. Chester, Chesters, Chaster: John, William de Chester 1332

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:
#1 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/162/2017-11-10/13-36-33_William_de_Chester-name1.jpg
#2 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/162/2017-11-10/13-36-34_William_de_Chester-name2.jpg

Yours in Service,
Baroness Mór inghean Bhriain, Edelweiss Herald

Submissions info: http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/content/submissions
Submissions FAQ: http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/node/144

OSCAR counts 4 Names, 1 Order Name, 5 Devices and 1 Badge. There are a total of 11 items submitted on this letter.