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Outlands LoP dated 2017-04-03

Unto the Outlands College of Heralds, our respected friends and colleagues who give freely of their time to provide commentary, and all others who come by these letters, on this 3rd day of March, A.S. LI (2017 CE), does Lord Gauvain Eisenbein send greetings on behalf of Master Angus Reid MacFarlane, White Stag Principal Herald.

Here follows the Kingdom of the Outlands' Letter of Presentation for march, 2017.

Anyone may comment upon the items found herein, and e-mail commentary to the herald's commentary list is encouraged. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please have comments on items contained herein to Rampart Herald by April 18th, 2017, for the decision meeting on April, 19th, 2017. As a reminder, the College of Arms requests commentary on all items, including appeals.

There were several items that remain pended this month. Submissions heralds are strongly urged to review the guidelines at: "http://rampart.outlandsheralds.org/#castle_instructions", as items not meeting these guidelines will be pended. Pended items will be administratively returned after they have appeared on three Letters of Presentation.

1: Adalyde bint Janus al-Zaarqa -New Device

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Gyronny of twelve Or and azure, a peacock in his pride proper

Consulting herald: Rowland

Branch: al-Barran

2: Hródgierr Sorthjerte -New Name & New Device

Per saltire argent and purpure, a heart sable

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Client requests authenticity for Danish, any time period, for Roger Blackheart.
Meaning (given name is a cant on "Roger", surname is a cant on "Blackheart") most important.

Client desires Danish equivalent of Roger Blackheart.

Unable to find direct Byname-Surname match online. However, using correct structure of name elements using the SCA's Collected Name Resources, please reference:


The Diplomatarium Danicum contains almost 20,000 records written, for the most part, in Latin, Danish, and Low German between 789 and 1412. Unfortunately, only the 15th century data and some supplements are available online.

Sort, or sorte, is the Root for Black. I entered 'sort' in a search via the Diplomatarium Danicum, then cross-referencing with Google Translator. A specific example:


"Alexander 4. pålægger ærkebisper og bisper per Almanie, Francie, Dacie et Boemie regna at tvinge augustinereremitterne til at bære sorte"

"Alexander 4. Instructs archbishops and bishops per Almanie, Francie, Dacie a Boemie regna forcing augustinereremitterne to wear black"

I have seen variant spellings in the other Scandinavian languages, svard, svart, sward, and our modern English word SWARTHY comes from these.

Heart, I'm familiar in German as hjerte from a favorite song. I think the Danish is nearly letter for letter identical:

At first, I thought the Diplomatarium Danicum was broken, but actually in multiple searches, hjerte is listed down in the Oversættelse - Translation sections. Examples:


"Han, hvem intet undgår, ved, at vi elsker din person af et rent hjerte,"

He whom nothing escapes, know that we love your person of a pure heart -- used singular!


"Vi ønsker, at dette forehavende vil få fremgang i hans hænder med guddommelig nådes virksomhed så meget des mere, som det har plads i vort hjerte"

"We want this enterprise will prosper in his hands with divine grace business all the more as it has space in our hearts" -- and used plural!

Sortehjerte or Sorthjerte, client only asked for the meaning of Blackheart, and is cooperative with variations of spelling.


Viking Names found in Landnámabók still listed online on the Academy of St Gabriel pages. In the lower sections, under the subtitle 'Masculine names found 5 or fewer times', Hrodgierr is listed spelled with an accented O, and the variant of D: Hróðgeirr.

Again, client is cooperative, and altered spellings are acceptable, so long as it still pronounced Roger.

Consulting herald: Ciaran Brocc

Branch: Aarquelle

3: Iohn of Mar -New Name & New Device

Per bend sinister argent and gules, a griffin rampant and a chief sable

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Client requests authenticity for late 13th c. Scottish.
Sound ("Ian de Mar") most important.
Language (13-14th century Scottish) most important.
Culture (13-14th century Scottish) most important.

Iohn: https://www.s-gabriel.org/names/symonFreser/scottish14/scottish14_given.html

of Mar: https://www.s-gabriel.org/names/symonFreser/scottish14/scottish14_given.html

Consulting herald: Maimuna/Titus

Branch: Drygestan

4: Isabeau de Bernac -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 2014, via the Outlands.

Per bend vert and purpure four horseshoes in cross and six feathers in annulo argent

The previous submission, Per Bend sinister vert and purpure, a bend sinister counter-embowed between four horseshoes in cross and a feather argent, was returned on the June 2016 LoR (http://rampart.outlandsheralds.org/2016-05-lop/1606-lor.html) with the following: {Returned for the same reason as the September 2014 LoAR (http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2014/09/14-09lar.html#Outlands_returns17) with the following: This device is returned for violating SENA A3D2c, Unity of Posture and Orientation, which states "A charge group in which postures for different charges must be blazoned individually will not be allowed without period examples of that combination of postures." The charges here are not in a unified arrangement, as the horseshoes in cross must be blazoned separately from the feather in order to adequately describe their positioning. The addition of the bend does not resolve the unity of posture with the horseshoes and the feather. Emblazon: http://oscar.sca.org/emblazons/Outlands/2016-05/isabeau-c.jpg}

Consulting herald: Selene of the Sky

Branch: Dragonsspine

5: Karen of Golden Oak -Resub Name

KAREN - Her actual name - shown on a redacted copy of her Colorado Driver License

GOLD - http://domesday.pase.ac.uk/Domesday?p=6&filterString=Gold

-- a man's name as 'GOLD' and 'GOLDA', also part of many other names found in the PASE Domesday book from 1066 A.D.

GOLDEN - http://domesday.pase.ac.uk/Domesday?op=6&filterString=Golden -- a portion of a name as found in the PASE Domesday book from 1066 A.D.

OAK - http://domesday.pase.ac.uk/Domesday?op=6&filterString=Oak - a last name shown to be used as parts of last names as found in the PASE Domesday book from 1066 A.D.

The previous submission, Karin of Golden Oak, was returned on the December 2016 LoR (http://rampart.outlandsheralds.org/2016-11-lop/1612-lor.html) with the following: {Returned for lack of documentation for 'of Golden Oak'. While 'of Golden Oak' could potentially fall within the Lingua Anglica Allowance (http://heraldry.sca.org/sena.html#PN1B2c), documenation needs to be provided to show that it is a plausably constructed byname. Commentors on the ILoI for the submission did provide some name alternatives and documentation to help the submitter get a name of similar theme that is plausable and documented.}

Consulting herald: Selene of the Sky

Branch: Dragonsspine

6: Lucrezia de Carducci -New Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2016, via the Outlands.

Per saltire azure and argent, two three-towered castles argent and two unicorns rampant gules

Consulting herald: Aedeluulf

Branch: al-Barran

7: Martine de La Rochelle -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Outlands LoI of November 29, 2016 as submitted.

Azure, three dragonslies within an orle argent

The previous submission, Argent, on a pale azure three dragonflies argent, was returned on the November 2016 LoR (http://rampart.outlandsheralds.org/2016-10-lop/1611-lor.html) with the following: {Returned for a conflict with Ines de Freitas [07/16 via Ealdormere], Argent, on a pale azure three millrinds argent. There is only 1 DC for the change of millrinds to dragonflies. Emblazon: http://oscar.sca.org/emblazons/Outlands/2016-11/martine-c.jpg}

Consulting herald: Noelle des Poys

Branch: Caerthe

8: Raven Midnight -New Name

Submitter has no desire as to gender.
No changes.

Raven: is an English given name found in R&W. s.n. - Raven as the given name <Rauen de Engelbi> in 1185; by precedent the u/v switch allows for the derivation of "Raven" from the 1185 entry.

Midnight: is a surname found in R&W s.n. Midnight dated to 1327. As the i/y swap is well established in English, the documented spelling supports the submitted Midnight.

Consulting herald: Miklos Farma

Branch: Plattefordham

9: Syla Marston -New Name & New Device

Azure, a scimitar inverted winged at the hilt Or

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No changes.
Sound ("Skyla") most important.

Syla - family search.org - Syla Brendon, female, christening date 1612, Batch C 05264-1

Marston - "Names from 15th Century York" by Karen Larsdatter; http://heraldry.sca.org/names/york15

Consulting herald: Dorcas Whitecap

Branch: Plattefordham

10: Torin of Norwood -Resub Household Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in February of 1989, via the West.

Norwolfes Hus

Submitter has no desire as to gender.
No major changes.

Norwolf: The PACE database (http://pase.ac.uk/jsp/index.jsp) contains three given names using the prototheme "Nor-": "Norbert", "Norgaud", and "Norman". They appear to be standard Anglo-Saxon dithematic names; both "-bert" and "-man" are fairly common deuterothemes, and while "-gaud" is unusual "Norgaud" is not the only name containing it that appears. The dates are the middle and late 10th century and the late 11th century.

PACE also lists a few dozen names using the very common deuterotheme "-wulf", which occasionally appears in the variant spelling "-wolf". (The name of the individual identified in the database as Æthelwulf 1 was recorded as "Athelwolf" and "Æthelwolf" in the 9th century and that of Oswulf 16 as "Oswolf" in the middle of the 10th century, for example. Other recorded forms using "-olf" further support the appropriateness of the vowel swap, as for instance when Eardwulf 28 was recorded as "EADVVOLF" sometime between the late 8th and middle 9th century and when Ordwulf 7 was recorded as "Ordolf" in the Domesday Book.)

On that basis, I would submit that "Norwolf" is a plausible constructed Anglo-Saxon given name from the 10th century or so.

Prosopography of Anglo Saxon England: Database Home


Hus: There is precedent for the Old English "hus" as a designator (http://heraldry.sca.org/precedents/CompiledNamePrecedents/Designations.html#hus), hus. Shauna of Carrick Point, 2004.03

Submitted as House Gunnulf, the submitter requested an Old English designator for House. Siren found a citation from the OED for Aarones hus dated to c. 1000. We have changed this name to the equivalent for Gunnulf: Gunnulfes hus. [Birgir inn Blakki, 03/04, A-Caid]

Used with the genitive of an Old English name. "Norwolf", as constructed above, would qualify.

The previous submission, Norwolf Company was returned on the October 2016 LoR (http://rampart.outlandsheralds.org/2016-09-lop/1610-lor.html) with the following: {Returned for lack of documentation and improper structure of a household name. Please consult with a herald for assistance on proper household name structures and proper documentation practices.}

Consulting herald: Conrad Von Zollen

Branch: Caerthe

Thus ends the March Letter of Presentation. The following submissions are pended until the listed problem is addressed:

Dmitri Ivanovich Gubina (name and device) - provide text copy of documentation notes

Oppia Vopisca (name and device) - provide text copy of documentation notes

The following submissions are administratively returned for failing to correct the listed problem for over three months:

Rhowyn Miranda Magee (name and device) - provide text copy of documentation notes and line drawing copy of device form

Sæunn Hrafndottir (name and device) - provide text copy of documentation notes and line drawing copy of device form

In Service,

Gauvain Eisenbein

Outlands Castle Herald

OSCAR counts 5 Names, 1 Household Name and 7 Devices. There are a total of 13 items submitted on this letter.