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Middle letters open for comment:

Middle ILoI issued 2018-10-16 ending 2018-11-16

Middle News:

By Estelle de la Mer, 2018-10-21 21:07:49
Greetings Fellow Heralds from your Rouge Scarpe! The next Internal Letter Decision Meeting is scheduled for November 20, 2018 at 7:30pm EST.

Mark your calendars, everyone is welcome to join, even if you just want to lurk and watch how decisions are made. The meeting is on Slack, and you will need an invite, so please contact me via rougescarpe@midrealm.org to get one. You will also need an OSCAR account to follow along. Thank you, hope to see you there!

Estelle Rouge Scarpe

By Jean Yves de Chierebourg, 2018-06-23 09:37:21
Greetings all. As the in-kingdom commenters know in the Middle Kingdom we have two different Augmentations of Arms; the Kingdom Augmentation and the Royal Augmentation. The Kingdom Augmentation typically takes the form of the populace badge, however the Royal Augmentation typically takes the form of a single charge SUGGESTED by the Crown. Please note that this is a SUGGESTION, and the submitter is not required to use it. Please note that we only charge the submitter $ 1/2 price for the registration, as it was a gift from the Crown, and that money goes directly to Laurel and not the Kingdom. If you have questions about how these all work, Meister Konrad Goldstreitkolb has two letters he sends out at the start of a reign that describes these two augmentations and their differences. At the end of the Reign of William and Isolde in 2017, They gave out nearly 200 in one court. Please keep this in mind when commenting. Thank you.

By Konrad Mailander, 2014-10-08 15:28:50
Greetings, I wrote up a bit about commenting. At the Kingdom level there is a focus on education and learning as well as registerability of the item.

What is really helpful for making decisions: Multiple "No conflict found" posts - Knowing that multiple sets of eyes have looked at it is a good thing. There is no such thing as too many people doing conflict checks.

Verifying the documentation. This is one most any can do. First checking the links and letting us know if one is broken. Sometimes there are typos in the link and others the link died later. If you have any Appendix H name books used on the letter check the citation and see if the submitter summarized it correctly and that it actually supports the item as a period name element.

Citations. If you think it breaks the rules check SENA or precedent and quote the rule you think it breaks if you can find them.

Supplemental documentation: Often submitters do not find the greatest sources. If you can find better sources to get them what they want that is great.

Period style or SCA precedent comments. Again with pictures and citations are the best.

Possible conflicts. Please cut and paste the blazon from the O&A.

On the Education side: Any questions that come to mind that you do not know/can't find the answer to related to the submission.

If you conflict checked give a brief description of how you went about it.

Any close but clear items and an explanation on why you think it is clear.

Not helpful and all: Completely off topic posts.

Any posts disrespectful to other heralds or the submitter. Our Kingdom commentary is OPEN and the submitters often read it. Please keep that in mind.

Any purely aesthetic comments. I don't care if it is ugly unless there is reason it cannot be registered. There is lots of "ugly" period heraldry.

Arguments with other commenters that do not include citations of documentation, precedents, SENA, or the Admin Handbook.

Kingdom letters no longer open for comment:

Middle ILoI issued 2018-09-17 and ended 2018-10-17
Middle ILoI issued 2018-08-17 and ended 2018-09-17
Middle ILoI issued 2018-08-14 and ended 2018-09-14
Middle ILoI issued 2018-07-17 and ended 2018-08-17
Middle ILoI issued 2018-06-23 and ended 2018-07-23
Middle ILoI issued 2018-04-30 and ended 2018-05-30
Middle ILoI issued 2018-02-28 and ended 2018-03-28
Middle ILoI issued 2018-01-07 and ended 2018-02-07
Middle ILoI issued 2017-12-07 and ended 2018-01-07
Middle ILoI issued 2017-11-12 and ended 2017-12-12
Middle ILoI issued 2017-09-19 and ended 2017-10-19
Middle ILoI issued 2017-09-17 and ended 2017-10-17
Middle ILoI issued 2017-08-24 and ended 2017-09-24
Middle ILoI issued 2017-07-13 and ended 2017-08-12
Middle ILoI issued 2017-06-17 and ended 2017-07-18
Middle ILoI issued 2017-05-08 and ended 2017-06-08
Middle ILoI issued 2017-04-04 and ended 2017-05-04
Middle ILoI issued 2017-02-16 and ended 2017-03-16
Middle ILoI issued 2017-01-31 and ended 2017-02-28
Middle ILoI issued 2016-12-30 and ended 2017-01-30
Middle ILoI issued 2016-10-31 and ended 2016-11-30
Middle ILoI issued 2016-09-26 and ended 2016-10-25
Middle ILoI issued 2016-08-28 and ended 2016-09-28
Middle ILoI issued 2016-08-26 and ended 2016-09-26
Middle ILoI issued 2016-07-27 and ended 2016-08-27
Middle ILoI issued 2016-06-14 and ended 2016-07-14
Middle ILoI issued 2016-05-16 and ended 2016-06-16
Middle ILoI issued 2016-04-08 and ended 2016-05-08
Middle ILoI issued 2016-03-10 and ended 2016-04-10
Middle ILoI issued 2016-02-08 and ended 2016-03-08