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Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2023-11-25 ending 2023-12-24

Lochac News:

By Ollivier Le Floch, 2022-09-29 05:38:31
Please don't add your own heraldic titles or roles with brackets in your user name. Titles for Kingdom deputies and Heralds Extraordinary are set by the kingdom in a separate field.

By Karl Faustus von Aachen, 2013-04-06 00:32:39
There are reports of people having trouble commenting on kingdom letters. Everyone who has an OSCAR account in Lochac *should* have the ability to comment. If you're having trouble, contact Crux on [email protected] and he'll figure out what's going wrong.

Kingdom letters no longer open for comment:

Lochac KLoI issued 2023-10-25 and ended 2023-11-24
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2023-09-25 and ended 2023-10-25
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-08-25 and ended 2023-09-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-08-24 and ended 2023-09-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-07-25 and ended 2023-08-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-06-25 and ended 2023-07-25
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-05-25 and ended 2023-06-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-04-25 and ended 2023-05-24
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2023-03-25 and ended 2023-04-25
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-02-25 and ended 2023-03-25
Lochac KLoI issued 2023-01-24 and ended 2023-02-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-12-23 and ended 2023-01-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-11-26 and ended 2022-12-26
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-11-25 and ended 2022-12-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-10-26 and ended 2022-11-24
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2022-09-25 and ended 2022-10-25
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2022-08-25 and ended 2022-09-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-07-25 and ended 2022-08-25
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2022-06-21 and ended 2022-07-21
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-05-24 and ended 2022-06-24
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2022-04-24 and ended 2022-05-24
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2022-03-28 and ended 2022-04-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-03-24 and ended 2022-04-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-02-25 and ended 2022-03-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2022-01-24 and ended 2022-02-24
Lochac Kingdom ILoI issued 2021-12-18 and ended 2022-01-18
Lochac KLoI issued 2021-11-25 and ended 2021-12-25
Lochac KLoI issued 2021-10-25 and ended 2021-11-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2021-09-25 and ended 2021-10-24
Lochac KLoI issued 2021-08-25 and ended 2021-09-24