Middle LoI dated 2023-06-19

Unto Emma de Fetherstan, Laurel; Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle, Pelican; Iago ab Adam, Wreath; and the other honored members of the College of Arms, greetings from Kallinikos Gavras, Rouge Scarpe Herald for the Kingdom of the Middle!

Many thanks to the commenting heralds who provided additional documentation!

It is the intent of the Middle Kingdom that the following be registered.

1: Aldrin inn glaði - New Name (KLoI) (NP) & New Device (KLoI)

Per chevron and per pale purpure and argent, a hedgehog rampant argent impaling grapes and maintaining an axe Or and a hedgehog rampant purpure impaling grapes and maintaining an axe sable respectant, and a quatrefoil knot countercharged

Aldrin inn glaði is a mixed Old English/Norse name datable to the 900s.

Aldrin is attested as the name of an abbot in Glastonbury around 922 A.D. The name is recorded as "Aldrinus," from which we can infer the Old English version Aldrin.


Inn glaði is found in "Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók by Aryanhwy merch Catmael "inn glaði: glad, happy" https://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/norse/vikbyna...

2: Anthony Navarre - Resub Device (KLoI)

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in April of 1996, via the Middle.

Per fess sable and argent, a bear standant gardant argent, in canton a hurt upon a compass star argent

Resubmission of a 1996 return (attached).

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:
#1 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/3746/2023-05-04/18-38-59_Anthony_device_return.jpeg

3: Brock Nash - New Name (KLoI) (NP) & New Device (KLoI)

Per chevron inverted gules and azure, an Ash tree eradicated Or leaved argent and two badgers rampant addorsed argent.

Brock: Found in "Index of Names in the 1582 Subsidy Roll of London: Surnames of English men & women" by Aryanhwy merch Catmael. Per Precedent, surnames can be used as given names in late period English

Nash: Found in Reaney & Wilson, s.n. Ash, c. 1348.

Commenters pointed out a possible conflict with Roake Nash, registered in December of 2017 (via the Middle), but it should be clear due to both a vowel and consonant difference.

4: Hrafnkell Inn Ruaði Eykelsson - New Name (KLoI) (NP)

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Meaning most important.

<Hrafnkell> from the Icelandic sage Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða

<inn rauði> Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók

by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Uckelman)


<Eykelsson> FJ pp. 343, 349 s.n. Ey-, -ketill; CV pp. 337-338 s.v. ketill; NR s.nn. Øykæll, Øy-, -kæ(ti)


5: Katerina von Kern - New Name Change (KLoI) (NP)

OSCAR NOTE: the old name was registered in June of 2015, via the Middle.

Old Item: Gaelen Ó Grádaigh, to be retained as an alternate name.
Submitter desires a feminine name.
The following changes are allowed: spelling early period 1300-1400 century German female
Client requests authenticity for 1300-1400 century German.
Sound most important.
Language/Culture (German) most important.

Katerina: Found in the DMNES c. 1497, in Early New High German (https://dmnes.org/name/Katherine)

von Kern:

Familysearch: Jacobus von Kern; M; 10 Jan 1638, Cöln, Rhein, Preußen, Deutschland; C96890-1

Name submitted as Katarina, changed to Katerina to be more accurate for 1300s German.

6: Shahr Bânû of Shattered Crystal - New Name (KLoI) (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
The following changes are allowed: Change byname to "the Weaver".

Shahr Bānū is a feminine Persian name dated to the 15th century and meaning 'lady of the land'. It is found in Some Persian Feminine Names and Etymologies From the Timurid Dynasty, by Ursula Georges http://yarntheory.net/ursulageorges/names/timuri...

"Shattered Crystal" is an SCA group and thus registerable under the branch name allowance.

During commentary, it was brought up that since Banu is a title for "Lady" in Persian, the name might create the appearance of presumption, implying the submitter is the "Lady of Shattered Crystal." Should the College decide this name is presumptive, submitter has agreed to the alternate byname "the Weaver". The Weaver is a lingua societas translation of the occupational byname al-Ḥabbāk, found in Juliana de Luna's article "Arabic Names from al-Andalus"


7: Silas de Mohun - New Name (KLoI) (NP) & New Device (KLoI)

Per chevron vert and sable, in base a decrescent argent

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Meaning most important.

Silas is a masculine English name found in the Family Search Records as the christening of Silas Clarke, 20 June 1574, Willoughby, Lincoln, England, batch # C03424-3 https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:JWK6-6YY

de Mohun is an Anglicized Irish byname found in both 16th & 17th Century Anglicized Irish Surnames from Woulfe by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada http://medievalscotland.org/kmo/Woulfe/SortedByAnglici... and Woulfe, sn de Motun,with de Mohun as one of the italic versions which we know can be dated to Elizabeth I/James I. https://www.irishfamilyhistorycentre.com/pdf/...


The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:
#1 https://oscar.sca.org/images/cImages/3746/2023-05-07/19-08-54_Wolfe_p269_top.jpg

Yours in Service,

Kallinikos Gavras

Rouge Scarpe Herald, Middle Kingdom

OSCAR counts 5 New Names, 1 New Name Change and 3 New Devices. These 9 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $36 for them. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Device. This item is not chargeable. There are a total of 10 items submitted on this letter.