West LoI from West dated 2018-04-24

Unto Dame Juliana de Luna, Laurel; Mistress Alys Mackyntoich, Pelican; Master Cormac Mor, Wreath; and the various members of the College of Arms, greetings from Lady Edith of Swanesdale, Matins Herald for the Kingdom of the West!

This item was on the 07-2018 LoAR

1: Bjarnarstrǫnd, Canton of - New Branch Name & New Device

Sable, two bears combatant argent, in base a laurel wreath and on a chief wavy Or a spear fesswise sable.

Meaning (none noted) most important.

Bjarnarstrǫnd. Incipient Canton of the Barony of Winter's Gate, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West.

A petition declaring support for this branch name, dated and signed by the members and officers of this group, is included in the packet for this submission. The Barony, Principality, and Kingdom are all aware and in support.

The submitter cares about the meaning (none noted) of the name.

Prefix + Suffix Bjarn(ar)+Strǫnd "Bear Coast" in Old Norse

Bjarnar - Bjarn - Bear "The name elements Bjarn- and Bjorn- (both meaning "bear") are derived from the same Primitive Scandinavian language roots: over time, and following certain linguistic rules, languages change, and the two forms seem to be the result of a series of changes resulting in similar forms. For the second element -geirr see above. Runic examples include the nominative form biarngaiR and the accusative form biarnkir. A short form of masculine names in Bjarn- or -bjorn is Bjarni." [http://vikinganswerlady.com/ONMensNames.shtml#Bjarn]

Mens' names that end in -biörn ("bear") or -örn ("eagle") change form slightly in the genitive becoming -biarnar and -arnar. [http://sagamap.hi.is/is/ - search Bjarn - many placenames: Bjarnarstaðir, Bjarnarhöfn, etc.]

-strǫnd - strǫnd (noun f.) `border, edge, coast, shore' p.205 Example: Hákarlastrond - in Bergen, Norway (1) [http://skaldic.abdn.ac.uk/db.php] Holmastrand Old Norse spelling of the town Holmestrand in Norway

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Standard disclaimer: This letter accurately reflects the contents of the various submission forms and accompanying documents, including consent to changes, expressed preferences, requests for authenticity, and formation of holding names. Any and all assistance will be gratefully accepted.

Respectfully submitted,

Edith of Swanesdale, Matins Herald

West Kingdom College of Heralds

matins@heralds.westkingdom.org Matins.WestKingdom@gmail.com

OSCAR counts 1 New Branch Name and 1 New Device. These 2 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $8 for them. There are a total of 2 items submitted on this letter.