Laurel LoPaD dated 2017-10-31

To all the College of Arms and all others who may read this missive, from Juliana Laurel, Alys Pelican, and Cormac Wreath, greetings.

This letter contains the issues raised in the August 2017 LoAR for CoA discussion. The text in this letter is copied verbatim from that LoAR; it is provided here for convenience. As with an October LoI, these matters are currently scheduled for the Pelican and Wreath meetings in January 2018. Original commentary, responses, and rebuttals to commentary must be entered into OSCAR no later than Sunday, December 31, 2017.

This item was on the 01-2018 LoAR

1: Shadrick Romani Natalia - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Sound most important.
Spelling most important.

After the Pelican decision meeting, Christopher Liber was able to document Romani as a 16th century German byname in the FamilySearch Historical Records and Natalia as the given name of a German saint. Under the February 2015 Cover Letter, Shadrick, a 16th century English given name, can be borrowed into German and treated as a German given name.

In addition, Kolosvari Arpadne Julia documented Romani as a variant of the name Romany in Hungarian, found in Fehértói s.n. Roman. German and Hungarian can be combined under Appendix C.

However, additional research is necessary to document the pattern of the name, as it is not a pattern appearing in Appendix A for German, English or Hungarian. Therefore, we are pending the name for research as to whether the pattern of Given Name + Latinized name in genitive form + Unmarked Matronym is plausible for any of the languages in which we were able to document the name elements.

This was item 8 on the Outlands letter of May 31, 2017. (

This item was on the 01-2018 LoAR

2: Shimazu Yasukaze - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Language (Japanese - Late Muromachi) most important.
Meaning (Yasukaze - peace and wind) most important.

This name combines a family name and a constructed nanori. In the past, we have allowed submitters the benefit of the doubt to register names following this pattern, even though they are not authentic because they do not include a yobina. [Akiyama Kintsune, 8/2016 LoAR, A-East; Godai Katsunaga, 3/2008 LoAR, A-Atlantia]. Based on commentary received, both on the Letter of Intent and at and after the Pelican decision meeting, we are pending this matter for discussion of whether we should cease this practice and more specifically identify registerable patterns for Japanese names.

His device is registered under the holding name Robert of the East.

This was item 19 on the East letter of May 31, 2017. (

This item was on the 01-2018 LoAR

3: Trivium, Shire of - New Name & New Device

Gules, on a pall Or three laurel wreaths sable

This group name conflicts with both the Order of the Trillium and the title Trillium Herald registered to the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Although the Shire obtained permission to conflict with Trillium Herald, permission to conflict with the order name is also required. We have pended this group name to allow that permission to be obtained.

As we cannot create a holding name for a group, we are also pending the device.

This was item 16 on the Drachenwald letter of May 31, 2017. (

Pray know that I remain,

In service,

Juliana de Luna
Laurel Queen of Arms

OSCAR counts 3 Names and 1 Device. There are a total of 4 items submitted on this letter.