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An Tir LoI - 2019-05-17

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This item was on the 08-2019 LoAR

15: Kathren of Carnforth - New Name (NP)

No major changes.
Spelling (as presented) most important.

<Kathren> is a variant spelling of English <Cathren>. The spelling <Cathren> appears in DMNES, s.n. Katherine, dated to 1579 & 1597 under the Early Modern English header ( The c/k switch is easily documented in English names; in this same section dated to 1530 we find Catheryn/Katheryn and Catheryne/Katheryne.

<Carnforth> is a town in Lancashire, England. It appears in "The place-names of Lancashire" by Eilert Ekwall on p. 187. The spelling <Carneforde> is dated to 1356. On p. 162 of the same volume is the place name <Catforth> with dated spellings of <de Catford>, 1332, and <Catforthe>, 1514. We believe <Carnforth> to be a plausible 16th century spelling of <Carneforde> given this evidence.,

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