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Northshield LoI - 2016-09-30

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This item was on the 12-2016 LoAR

14: Yoshimizu Kitsutarou Kimimichi - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Northshield LoI of September 30, 2016 as submitted.

Sable, a butterfly volant Or

Individually Attested Pattern for Use of a Volant Butterfly

This is volant, not the default position for butterflies.

Volant Butterfly (Taira) found in Kenmon Shokamon (compiled 1470)

(; frame 12-13; See image 1

Volant Butterfly (Matsudaira) found in O-Uma-Jirushi (compiled 1650)

(; info:ndljp/pid/1288217; See image 2

Volant Butterfly (Edo) found in Daibukan (section compiled a 1550)

(; See image 3

Kingdom Commentary Note: It was noted, by commenters, that the images listed in the IAP are difficult to find. A screenshot for Image 1 is shown below.

There was discussion about whether this is butterfly is volant and whether it is reliably reproducible.


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