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East LoI - 2011-12-04

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This item was on the 03-2012 LoAR

1: Alaric Godricson - New Name (NP)

No major changes.
Sound (unspecified) most important.

Alaric is the expected vernacular of Alaricus, found in Morlet I, s.n. Alaricus, dated a. 875-12th C. The 12th century instance is from a Latin document. According to Withycombe, s.n. Alaric, Alaricus is an Old German name, and was the name of several West Gothic kings. It is also found in the MED:

?a1475(?a1425) Higd.(2) (Hrl 2261) 5.221: Attulfus kynge, cosyn [Trev.: alye; L affinem] to the seide Alaricus.

(a1387) Trev. Higd.(StJ-C H.1) 5.221: Oon Athulphus, kyng Alaricus his alye [Higd.(2): cosyn; L affinem].

Godricson is intended as a patronymic byname constructed from the masculine given name Godric. Bardsley, s.n. Godrich gives <Robert fil. Godric>, dated 1273. A likely inflected form, <Godrici> is dated 1133-60 in the MED. There is also a 12th century saint, Godric of Finchale, who was the namesake of <Ralph Godric> in the 12th century [Dave Postles, "Resistant, Diffused, or Peripheral? Northern Personal Names to ca. 1250" (In: Studies on the Personal Name in Later Medieval England and Wales, ed. D. Postles, J.T. Roenthal, Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University, 2006, pp. 280-4)]. According to this book, this saint was the subject of the 1175 text Libellus de vita et miraculis S. Godrici, heremitae de Finchale by Reginald of Durham. Lastly, a <Godric Lefled> appears in 'Regesta 47: 1295', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 1: 1198-1304 (1893), pp. 558-563 (

The submitted spelling is interpolated from Godricsone, dated 1066 according to the introduction to R&W, "Surnames of Relationships: Johnson, Williamson, etc Distribution and Origin". The submitter's preferred -son spelling is dated 1332 (ibid.).

If Godricson cannot be registered, the submitter specifically allows the change to the attested Godricsone. The submitter allows intermediate changes.

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