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Meridies ILoI - 2023-08-02

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5: Yamamoto Shingen -New Name (NP)

Language/Culture (Sengoku period Japan) most important.

Yamamoto - Japanese family name, found in Solveig Prándardóttir's "Name Construction in Medieval Japan", dating to 1147, in the Heian era.

Shingen - Masculine Japanese houmyou, dated to the late Sengoku era. The most notable example is that of Takeda Shingen

(1521-1573), who was a daimyo of Kai Province. His name, with this spelling, is found in "The Samurai" by Stephen Turnbull, p.20 (Osprey Publishing, 2016) <

hl=en&gbpv=1&bsq=Takeda%20Shingen>. :

"Their leaders called themselves daimyo, which literally means 'great names', and 16th-century daimyo such as Takeda Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin and Date Masamune were to make 'great names' for themselves that eclipsed anything their heroic.

Shingen is also found 3 times in NCMJ, notably on p.404 in the table "Names of Other Important Figures", also citing Takeda Shingen. It includes a footnote denoting that it is a houmyou (Buddhist religious name), not a nanori. To the best of our abilities, we are unable to find any reason why houmyou and nanori cannot be used interchangeably.

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