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Meridies ILoI - 2023-08-02

4: Luchia del Mar -New Household Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in June of 2018, via Meridies.

Scuola di Santa Angelica

Language/Culture (Italian) most important.

Household Names Based on Saint's Names

Saint's names are frequently used to name houses or groups of people, making them an appropriate substantive element for naming a household.

Scuola - Italian nonpersonal name designator. Found in the list of acceptable designators in SENA Appendix E.

Santa Angelica - Italian saint's name, constructed from the feminine Italian given name "Angelica", found in the article "Late Period Italian Women's Names: Florence" by Juliana de Luna (Julia Smith). <https://medievalscotland.ora/ies/Nuns/Florence.shtml>

Per the article "Alys's Simple Guide to Household Names" <htto://>:

"The current (October 2016) SCA heraldry rules allow you to make up saints as long as the root name of the person is real. For example, the Company of Saint Kenrics Beard is a registerable household name, even though there was not a real Saint Kenric because: (1) Kenric is a documentable period name; and (2) a beard is a documentable period heraldic charge."

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