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Ansteorra ILoI - 2023-07-10

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11: Johann Klaus von Heidelberg -New Name (NP)

Steppes Warlord 50th Consultation Desk

Johann - appears as a given name in 15th cen. Arnsburg according to "Late Period German Masculine Given Names" by by Talan Gwynek (

Klaus - (Klausner) Clausner 1323 Klapp- Klec pg 296 Bahlow- Gentry. Claus is found in Brechenmacher p. 51 s.n. Klaus "Koseform < Nikolaus, s. d. 1294 Uzo Gen. Claus zu E[ss]lingen"

von - von- locative construction allowed by SENA Appendix A

Heidelberg - Brechenmacher, s.n. Heidelberg(er), dates <Wecelo de Heidelberc> to 1216 and <Thomas Heidelberger> to 1553. Locative surname denoting city of origin.

Heidelberg is a German university town on the Neckar River, first referred to as Heidelberg in 1196 in a document in Schönen Monastery, according to It is stated to be first mentioned in 12th C. as a "bulwark of the Reformation in the 16th century" in The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, Copyright 2008, Columbia University Press. The Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line's entry for Heidelberg (

confirms that this placename is "first mentioned in 1196"; the article also says that the university "was chartered by Pope Urban VI in 1386"

A map is on line at which is dated from 1570, shows the city with the spelling Heydelberg. The i/y interchangeability is about the same in German of that time as in English.

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