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Ansteorra ILoI - 2023-07-10

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13: Kristófórus Rauði Davíðsson -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Meaning (Norse for Christopher Davids son) most important.

Submitted through the Barony of Stargate

Kristófórus - Found both as a personal name and as a by-name, in in Old Danish And Old Swedish as Krok and in OW.Norse as Krókr. From the OW.Norse noun krókr "hook." Runic examples include the nominative forms krukr, [krukr], kurukr and the accusative forms krok, (k)(r)(u)(k), [kruk], [k--(k)], -uruk. GB p. 13 s.n. Kristófórus Viking answer Lady -

Rauði - Byname descriptive Found in Old Danish as the by-name Røthe, in Old Swedish as the by-name Rødhe, and in OW.Norse as by-name Rauði. From the OW.Norse adjective rauðr "red." Occurs as a personal name in the accusative case form [rouþa] in Og23: "Þórlakr had this stone raised in memory of Rauði, his father, and in memory of Gunni." FJ p. 216 s.nn. Rauðr, Rauði; NR s.n. Rauði

Davíðsson - Patronimic Davíð, Dávíð - Christian, David. A diminuitive form of the name Davið is Dáði. GB p. 9 s.nn. Davíð, Dávíð; CV p. xxxiv s.v. "Pet Names"

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