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Calontir ILoI - 2023-06-30

17: Torquil MacGruder -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in February of 2022, via Calontir.

Sable, a wolf's head caboshed argent and three wolf's teeth issuant from base gules

Original return on March 2023 LOAR:

This device is returned per SENA A3b2, which requires that charges have good contrast with their fields. The gules wolf's teeth have poor contrast with the sable field. The submitter attempted to submit an IAP to demonstrate the use of low-contrast charges in similar designs; however, none of the provided examples match the submission in style and complexity, as required by SENA A4B. This submission has a complexity count of 6 while none of the provided examples have a complexity higher than 5, and even the most complex of the provided examples only has 2 types of charge while this submission has 3.

This device is also returned per SENA A3D1 for lacking clear charge groups: the wolf's teeth, which are blazoned as secondary charges, are drawn larger than any of the primary charges, blurring the distinction between charge groups.

All examples in the attached IAP are from Siebmacher. There are examples of high contrast wolves' heads couped, other animal heads caboshed, wolves' teeth, both not alone on the field and issuant from base, sable fields with gules charge groups, and arms with high contrast primary and low contrast secondary. A wolf's head caboshed is unremarkable, but I couldn't find one in Siebmacher. The bracketing examples show that German heraldry caboshed animal heads.

1 - Wolf's head

Von Erlbach

High contrast wolf's head couped

Von K├Âtzaw

High contrast wolf's head couped

Von Windischgraetz

High contrast wolf's head couped

2 - Critter's head caboshed


Critter's head caboshed, bull

Von Treisbach

Critter's head caboshed, deer

Die Riedesel von Eisnebach

Critter's head caboshed, ass

3 - Wolf's teeth

Die Senfftel

Wolf's teeth not alone on the field

Die Keudel

Wolf's teeth not alone on the field


Wolf's teeth issuant from base

4 - Sable field with gules charge group

Die Stadler

Sable field, gules sleeves

Die Grolandt

Sable field, gules flower, low contrast secondaries

Von Wickersheim

Sable field, partially gules charge

5 - High contrast primary with low contrast secondary

Von Trotta

High contrast fleur-de-lys with a low contrast heart

Von Uttershausen

High contrast chair / perch, low contrast parrots

Von Steige

High contrast ladder, low contrast sleeves

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