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Lochac KLoI - 2023-06-25

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7: Tassilon of Saint Monica -New Name (NP)

Consulting Herald ffride wlffsdotter.
Submitter is from Saint Monica.


Tassilon is registerable as a French literary name (cf. the January 2019 LoAR sn. Gunhilda Filippini).

It is recorded in "Inventaire general de l'Histoire de France, depuis Pharamond jusques à present, etc" dated 1603, where

he is described on page 153 as:

"La mesme occasion embrasa la guerre en Bauiere, d'autant que le Roy Tassilon gedre de Didier , Roy de Lombardie,

folicité par sa femme , & par la crainte d'vne puis, sance qui le menaçoit, tascha de faire la guerre en Alemagne."

[Poorly translated by Google: The same occasion ignited the war in Bavaria, especially as King Tassilon, desirous of

Gèdre, King of Lombardy, encouraged by his wife, & by the fear of a power, without which threatened him, tried to make

war in Germany.]

of Saint Monica

The branch known as the College of Saint Monica, was registered in June 1989.

SENA PN1B2f allows for the creation of locative bynames from the names of registered SCA branches.

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