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Ealdormere ILoI - 2023-06-25

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4: Emyr James of Town's End -New Name (NP)

Emyr James of Town's End

Submitter desires a gender-neutral name.
The following changes are allowed: Language/Culture does not matter
Sound (As per this link: most important.

Emyr: French given name. "France, Haute-Saône, registres paroissiaux et d'état civil, 1551-1872", database, FamilySearch ( : 19 September 2022), Emyr Coinie in entry for François Coinie, 1649.

Green Mantle's note: There is no batch number with this entry.

James: English byname. ref.

James, Andrew - Archer Garrison; mustered: Harfleur Beaufort, Thomas (c. 1377 - 1426) earl of Dorset, duke of Exeter 1415-16 Retinue roll TNA, E101/47/39.

Also documented as an English byname occurring two times in 16th Century Gloucestershire Names by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (

of Town's End: Locative byname. Town's End is located in the county of Worcestershire, West Midlands, six miles south-east of the town of Droitwich Spa, eight miles south-west of the major town of Redditch, 70 miles north-east of Cardiff, and 94 miles north-west of London. Town's End lies four miles west of the Warwickshire border. Town's End falls within the district council of Wychavon, under the county council of Worcestershire. It is in the WR7 postcode district. The post town for Town's End is Worcester.

The name formation [given + anglicized locative article + SCA locative byname] is appropriate for names formed using the Branch Name Allowance, as shown in PN1.B.2.f in SENA.

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