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Middle ILoI - 2023-06-10

1: Buckmaster Thomas -Resub Name (NP)

Submitter desires a masculine name.
The following changes are allowed: Adding elements needed to avoid presumption issues
Sound most important.

Buckmaster - Surnames in Chesham 1538-1600/1

Per precedent, surnames can beb used as given names in late period English.

Thomas - Familysearch

Davyd Thomas; 02 Jan 1851; Saint Giles, Cripplegate, Lodon, Engliand; M02243-1

Name was returned on the 06-2016 LoAR due to being submitted on the wrong form.

During previous commentary, concern was raised whether the name was presumptive, due to the "master" element. SENA PN4.B.1 states: "Bynames which are identical to titles used in the Society are generally not allowed for individuals who do not have that rank. Relatively minor changes to the form of the byname can remove the appearance of a claim to rank." Adding the "Buck-" element should be enough to clear the presumption. If this IS an issue, the submitter is willing to add an occupational like "the Hunter," or whatever other changes might be needed.

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