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Ansteorra ILoI - 2023-06-09

10: Hrafna Stórráða -New Name Change (NP)

OSCAR NOTE: the old name was registered in May of 2005, via Ansteorra.

Old Item: Hrafn Óláfsson, to be released.
Submitter desires a feminine name.

Submitted through Steppes Warlord 50th Consultation Desk

Hrafna > Hrafn Hrafna- - Geirr Bassi, p. 23, counts one occurrence of this pre-pended descriptive byname meaning "Raven-" in the Landnamabok.

Viking Answer Lady - Hrafn- is identical with Old Icelandic hrafn, "raven"

Referencing Hrafnhildr - GB pp. 11; FJ pp. 212, 349; CV pp. 261, 281 s.v. hildr, hrafn

feminien form of Hrafn

Stórráða > appears in Haralds saga Gráfeldar, ch 11. also found on The Viking Answer Lady

Sigríð stórráða Tóstadóttir born about 927 in Sweden, daughter to Tósti, a well-regarded Swedish warrior. The nickname carried by Sigríð, stórráða, meaning "the Haughty", "the Proud", "the Ambitious", or "the Strong-Minded"

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