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Drachenwald Kingdom ILoI - 2023-06-10

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2: Gytha Bielke aff Aningasz -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
The following changes are allowed: changing Aningasz to Aningoijs

Gytha Bielke aff Aningasz is a Swedish name combining a feminine given name with a surname (family name) and a locative byname.

Gytha is a feminine given name. According to Sveriges medeltida personnamn s.n. Gydha (#1), variations of the name are found between 12th and 16th centuries; the form <Gytha> since 1259 ("Gytha tidigast 1259", 'Gytha earliest 1259').

Bielke is a Swedish family name. The portrait (#2) from 1595 of Ture Bielke af Åkerö (1548-1600) shows the name written as <Bielke> (the portrait is part of the collection of the Swedish National Museum:

aff Aningasz is a locative byname combining the preposition aff 'from' with the placename Aninkainen (in modern Finland). Suomalainen paikannimikirja by Sirkka Paikkala (ed.) s.n. Aninkainen (#3) dates <Aningoijs> to 1543 and <Anigasz> to 1553 (as well as other, earlier, forms with the two 'n's). Thus Aningasz is a plausible form. If the preferred "aff Aningasz" is not considered registrable, the submitter will accept "aff Aningoijs".

<aff> + placename (nom.) as a locative construction can be seen in several names listed in Vanhat nimityyppimme (Finnish Names) by Kerttu Katariinantytär Roisko (

-s.n. Ambjörn (male): <Ambiorn aff Vmkiala> 1469

-s.n. Cecilia (female): <Cecilia aff Kwrala> 1477

-s.n. Maritta (female): <Maritta Larszdotter aff Oikola> 1551

Vanhat nimityyppimme (Finnish Names) by Kerttu Katariinantytär Roisko ( has an female example of a long name pattern including given name + surname + locative (and adding in a patronym):

-s.n. Filippa (female) <Philipe Erichsdotter Fleming till Yllile> 1578 (given + patronym + family + locative)

Examples of the exact pattern given name + surname + locative (with male given names) in Satakunnan henkilötiedosto 1303-1571 by Seppo Suvanto (#4; the www location is temporarily inaccessible but the data can be accessed at see page numbers below):

-"Michill Karhu aff Nwpala maksoi 1555 samoin leiviskän" ('<Michill Karhu aff

Nwpala> likewise paid in 1555 a talent'), p. 150 s.n. MIKKO HEIKINPOIKA

-"1553 Hendrich Käki aff Selckis maksoi erämaista kalaveroa yhden leiviskän"

('in 1553 <Hendrich Käki aff Selckis> paid fishing tax of wilderness a

talent'), p. 231 s.n. HEIKKI

-1552 <Morthen Tani aff Selkis by>, p.235 s.n. MARTTI

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