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East ILoI - 2023-07-05

6: Danimacus filius Denbecan -New Household Name

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Oakmont House

The following changes are allowed: any changes necessary to be grammatically correct
Sound (oak-mont) most important.
Spelling (as submitted if possible) most important.

Consulting Herald: Alys Mackyntoich

The submitter's primary name appears elsewhere on this letter.

House is a designator for households per Appendix E, section 4 of SENA. The spelling House is dated to 1500 in the Middle English Dictionary s.v. delen.

The pattern Place Name + House/Hall for English household names is found in "Alys's Simple Guide to Household Names" by Alys Mackyntoich (

Oakmont is a constructed English place name.

Oak- is a common prototheme in English place names, referring to oak trees. For example:

Okeham' (1190-1610) - Watts s.n. Oakham
Okerigge (1459) - Watts s.n. Oakridge
Okelondemade (1393) - MED s.v. ōk(e)

Although the spelling Oke- is most common, the requested spelling Oak- or Oake- also sometimes appears:

Oakefeld (1273) - Bardsley s.n. Oakenfull
Oakenyates -yeates (17th C) - Watts, s.n. Oakengates
Oakes (1565-1702) - Watts, s.n. Oaks

Oak also appears generally as a spelling in English as early as 1381 in the MED s.v. lif-lat.

-mont is one of the alternate spellings of mount, a generic toponym meaning a mountain or hill, listed in the MED s.v. mǒunt n.(1), with examples of the use of this spelling dated to circa 1225 and circa 1393. The spelling -mont is found in period English place names, including:

Beamont (1576) - Watts s.n. Beaumont (Cumbr)
Beaumont (from 1263) - Watts s.n. Beaumont (Essex)
Grosmont (1540) - Watts s.n. Grosmont
Grandimont(e) (13th cen.) - Watts s.n. Grosmont
Grauntmont (1301) - Watts s.n. Grosmont
Rougemont (14th cen.) - Watts s.n. Ridgmont

Accordingly, Oakmont is a reasonable constructed English place name, particularly for later in period, and Oakmont House is a plausible English household name.

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