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Atlantia ILoI - 2023-05-26

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5: Atlantia, Kingdom of -New Order Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in April of 1981, via Atlantia.

Award of the Golden Lamp of Atlantia

Meaning (golden lamp casting light on arts and sciences) most important.

The name follows the pattern of color + charge found in Smith's "Medieval Secular Order Names" at,

In that article the color "Gold(en)" occurs in the names of the Golden Apple (France), Golden Fleece (France), Golden Shield (France), Golden Spur (Italy) and Golden Tree (France).

Lamps of various types have been used in Society armory for some time. In the online Pictorial Dictionary at it is noted that the form of lamp used in the design for the badge for this award has been commonly blazoned in the Societyt as an "Arabian lamp" though not really Arabian with the current depiction in Batonvert's work deriving friom " an 11th C. terra cotta lamp found in Sicily".

The territorial modifier "of Atlantia" has been added to clear conflict with the Order of the Golden Lamp of Endless Hills registered to the Barony of Endless Hills through AEthelmearc in Hune 2012 and the Order of the Golden Lamp registered through through the East to the Barony of Buckland Cross in November 2022.

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