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Calontir ILoI - 2023-05-09

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11: Penelope Packard the Pillager -New Name Change (NP)

OSCAR NOTE: the old name was registered in March of 2020, via Calontir.

Old Item: Lofnheiðr Hrafnsdóttir, to be released.
Submitter desires a feminine name.

Penelope - feminine English given name found in Family Search Historical Records: Penelope Rose; Female; Christening; 30 Mar 1562; AMBERLEY, SUSSEX, ENGLAND; Batch: C07002-1 (

Packard - English surname. Gilbert Packard, dated 11 Edward II (1317) in the raw data for "Names from Medieval Suffolk" by Sara L. Uckelman, known in the Society as Aryanhwy merch Catmael (

Packard is also found in R&W, s.n. Packard. Geoffrey, Henry Pac(k)ard 1327.

The Pillager - plausible byname, not attested. Here are 3 examples of other bynames with similar meanings or theme.

R&W, s.n. Pillar `plunderer'. Dike le Pilur, dated 1246, John le Piler, 1327, and Thomas Piler' 1332.

MED has the descriptive Ravysshour `plunderer, ravisher, rapist' dated 1436. "Please do proclayme..that the seid William Pulle, Ravysshour, appier, afore the answer of the seid Felonyes." [ ]

MED also has the byname le Reuere `robber, plunderer, spoiler, destroyer'. Ricardus le Reuere is dated 1255 and William le Reuere is dated 1317.

R&W, s.n. Pillar, glosses it as `plunderer', from Old French "pilleur". The modern French "piller" could be plausibly translated as either plunder or pillage. The bynames `le Pilur' and `le Piler' therefore support the plausible LS form `the Pillager'.

SENA Appendix A supports the pattern given+byname+byname for Middle/Early Modern English.

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