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Ansteorra ILoI - 2023-05-10

1: Ærindis Hrafnildr -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.

Submitted through The barony of Bordermarch

Ærindís> The first elementes Ærn-, Ærin- comprise alternate forms of the OW.Norse bird-names orn, ari "eagle", or may also be related to OW.Norse arinn "hearth". The second element -dís is identical with the Old Icelandic dís, "goddess, priestess, female guardian spirit." Found in Old Swedish as Ærndis; compare with OW.Norse Arndís. Occurs in the runic nominative forms erintis and erntis.

Source - NR s.v. Ær(i)ndís, Ær(i)n-/Ær(i)n-, -dís

Hrafnhildr > The first element Hrafn- is identical with Old Icelandic hrafn, "raven". For the second element -hildr see above. A few instances of this name are recorded in West Scandinavia. This name appears in Landnámabók for Hrafnhildr Ketilsdóttir in ch. 90 and Hrafnhildr Stórólfsdóttir in chs. 90 and 91. The name Hrafnhildr appears in the legendary saga Orvar-Odds saga, c. 1250, as the mother of Oddr. Possibly present in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-names Rauenhilbanc (c. 1209), Rauenylridding (c. 1320).

Source - GB pp. 11; FJ pp. 212, 349; CV pp. 261, 281 s.v. hildr, hrafn

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