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Ealdormere ILoI - 2023-04-24

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4: Elias Hadleigh -New Name (NP)

Elias is found in Withycombe (p.93) sn. Elijah, Elias dated as early as 1199 and to 1316 in the desired spelling.

Hadleigh, Hadley is found in Mills (p. 219) and is Old English in origin (found as Hetlega in Domesday 1086) and spelled as Hadlegh in the 13th century. Hadley as a locative surname dates to the 12th century (Matilda de Hadlega) and as Hadley dates to 1390 in Reaney and Wilson. The modern spelling is Hadleigh (in Essex, Herts. and Suffolk) or Hadley (Worcs.)

Hadleigh (variant spelling): Anglo-Saxon locational surname, especially prevalent in areas of Sufolk and Essex, England.

Hadley, surname. Documented as John Hadley of Hadleigh, Suffolk. Deceased Feb. 07, 1410. Published in "History of Parliament: The House of Commons 1386-1421". Found online at [].

Also documented via as John Hadley, deceased Jan. 26, 1605. Bridgewater, Somerset, England.


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