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East LoI - 2023-04-30

This item was on the 07-2023 LoAR

4: Hartshorn-dale, Barony of - New Order Name (KLoI)

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Company of the Azure Hart

NOTE: Hartshorn-dale is in the process of going barony, with investiture planned in Nov 2023. Laurel said to put the new designator on the forms.

Company is a standard designator for order names allowed under Appendix E of SENA. This particular spelling can be found in the MED, s.v. toward: (1426) Reg.Chichele in Cant.Yk.S.42 (Lamb 69)340 : I be quethe..x li. toward a purchas of an halle for the company.

Azure is the color blue and a heraldic tincture, and is registerable in non-personal names per SENA Appendix E5.

Hart is a synonym for a red deer, and is noted as being used for heraldic depictions of this animal in the MED, s.v. hert: c1450(1410) Walton Boeth.(Lin-C 103)p.234 : He þat is ferd and fleeþ wiþ-outen need, An hart þou myght hym calle.

The pattern of naming orders with a color and charge is found in Juliana de Luna, "Medieval Secular Order Names",

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