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East LoI - 2023-04-30

This item was on the 07-2023 LoAR

5: Hartshorn-dale, Barony of - New Order Name (KLoI)

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Order of the Heartsease

NOTE: Hartshorn-dale is in the process of going barony, with investiture planned in Nov 2023. Laurel said to put the new designator on the forms.

Order is a standard designator for order names allowed under Appendix E of SENA. This particular spelling can be found in both Middle and Early Modern English. Examples from the MED, s.v. ordre and OED, s.v. order are as follows:

  • (a1470) Malory Wks.(Win-C)50/9 : Onys for the hyghe Order of Knyghthode lette us jouste agayne.
  • a1600(1472) Rec.Bluemantle (Jul C.6)380 : On the morne after the feast come to the chapter of the order of the garter, into the chapter howse, come the Kinge, the Duke of Glocester, therle of Essex, the lord Berners, the lieutenaunte of thorder, therle of Doglas, [etc.].
  • 1530 Palsgr. 236/2 Knight of the order of saynt micheall

Heartsease is a common name for two types of native European plants, Viola tricolor (pansy) and V. lutea (wallflower), per the OED, s.v. heartsease. Plants known to people in period can be used as heraldic charges under A2B2b of SENA, and heartsease/pansy has been previously registered:

The term pansy in period referred to heartsease, not the modern pansy that is a hybridized species, shown in this depiction. Pansies should be drawn with five distinct petals, not four. A period depiction of a pansy can be seen at" [Clara Makkynnay, June 2013, R-Atenveldt]

The submitted spelling is found in Randle Cotgrave's A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues, published in 1632 (

The pattern of naming orders with a heraldic charge is found in Juliana de Luna, "Medieval Secular Order Names", An example is seen above (order of the garter).

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