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Lochac KLoI - 2023-04-25

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6: Freya hare inn heppni -New Name (NP)

No changes.

Consulting Herald Bjorn Bassason.
Submitter is from Saint Ursula.

<Freya> is a personal name submitted with Legal Name Allowance as per SENA PN1.B2e

<hare> is an Old Danish/Old Swedish descriptive byname meaning "hare, rabbit" attested in Fellows-Jensen, Gillian. Scandinavian Personal Names in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Copenhagen. Akademisk Forlag. 1968. (pp. 134-135) :

<inn heppni> is an Old Norse descriptive byname meaning "lucky, happy", attested in the Landnámabók. See Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók by by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Uckelman) (

SENA Appendix A allows for the name construction pattern [given+descriptive+descriptive] for Old Norse.

The Old Norse and Old Danish/Old Swedish elements are from the same geographical region, and can thus be combined as long as they are within 500 years of each other according to SENA Appendix C. The landnamabok is dated to the events of the 9th and 10th century, and Old Danish dates to between the 9th and 16th centuries. This is inexact, but the two elements appear to be reasonably combineable.

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