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Outlands Kingdom ILoI - 2023-04-19

15: Phaidra of Phaestos -New Name Change (NP)

OSCAR NOTE: the old name was registered in October of 2015, via the Outlands.

Old Item: Phaidra Thebaia, to be retained as an alternate name.
Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language/Culture (Crete 1450 BCE) most important.

Phaidra - This name was submitted as recently as March 2015, but as a French given name, not Greek. The documentation in that submittal states: Phaedra was also documented as a name from Greek literature. Since "[t]he story of Phaedra was very well known in period, particularly in Renaissance France" (as noted by Metron Ariston), Phaedra is registerable in this name under the guidelines for use of literary names (see Cover Letter for the February 1999 LoAR for more details). The Greek spelling for Phaedra would be Phaidra. Additionally, "Phaidra" is already registered to this submitter on the 10-2015 LOaR.

Phaestos - Encylopedia Britannica states that Phaestos is an "ancient city ... of Crete ... occupied from the 4th millenium BC.." Accessed 13 January 2023. The submitter desires a locative byname.

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