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Outlands Kingdom ILoI - 2023-04-19

9: Hrafn Vaeristad -Resub Device

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Hrafn V?ristad in January of 2019, via the Outlands.

Per pale angled argent and azure, a griffin and a dog combatant counterchanged

The original device [Per pale wavy argent and azure, a griffin and a Norwegian elkhound combatant counterchanged] was returned at Laurel in October 2019 with the following commentary:

This device is returned due to lack of documentation for the breed of dog depicted (Norwegian elkhound). The submitter should consider a period breed of dog, especially one used in heraldry (e.g. a talbot, greyhound, mastiff, etc.)

Consultation with the submitter provides two examples of registered elkhound devices: Miriam of Bristol (Jan 1998, Ansteorra) and Aurora of Dragonship Haven (June 2008; In the documentation for the accecptance in 2008:

The submitter requested that the dog be blazoned as an Elghund, the Danish and Norwegian name for the breed known in English as the elkhound. There is evidence that dogs resembling the modern elkhound existed throughout period, so the depiction of this dog is registerable. The earliest use of the term elkhound is 1835, well outside of even our gray area. Had it been shown that the term "Elghund" was period, we would have used the English translation of that term so that the blazon was more easily understood; however, no evidence was found that the term Elghund was a period term for the dog. Until such evidence is found, we will simply identify the charge as a generic dog.

The new submbmission retains the Elkhound image, with the blazon "dog" per this previous return.

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