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Caid LoI - 2023-04-30

This item was on the 07-2023 LoAR

22: Rose Þorsteinsdóttir - New Name (NP)

Rose is a feminine English given name found in the DMNES dated from 1520 - 1597

Þorsteinsdóttir is a patronymic made from the masculine given name Þorsteinn

Þorsteinn is the submitter's father's SCA name, and per SENA PN1B2g can be used as a patronymic with attestation as neutral in time and space. Attestation is attached to this submission.

I, Legal name redacted known in the SCA as Þorsteinn Arngeirrson, give Legal name redacted, known in the SCA as Rose Þorsteinsdóttir, permission for my Society name to be used in part of their Society name in order to indicate a relationship. I understand that this permission cannot be withdrawn once Legal name redacted's name is registered.

This name was submitted at kingdom as Rós but we were not able to document that spelling. Any assistance finding the preferred spelling would be greatly appreciated.

Barony of Calafia

Submitted by Eridana

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