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An Tir KLoI - 2023-04-07

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2: Badger the Humble -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Meaning (Everyone calls me Badger, and I like the name) most important.

Submitter is from Dragon's Laire<br)Male preferred
Meaning described
No Major changes

Badger is an English byname, found in IGI FamilySearch:
Robert Badget, married Joan Smith 25 Jan 1573 at Stopham, Sussex, England (M07113-1,

Also found as:
Adam Badger 1324 sub Badger, Badgers, Bagger (R&W p. 23.)
Thomas Humble 1633 sub Humble (p. 243 ibid.)

By precedent, late period English surnames may be used as given names.

"the Humble" is a descriptive byname which SENA Appendix A states were used in Modern English. Appendix B states that you must attest to a similar level of abstraction for the name. Unfortunately, the submitter was not able to provide any examples and we ask for assistance if this is needed.

Further, we question the use of "the" in the byname phrase as English examples of X the Y from period are really hard to find. They tended to use the French 'le' after the Conquest, which this name clearly is, 'humble' being a French word.

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