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East ILoI - 2023-04-05

5: Samuel di Bianca -New Appeal of Kingdom Return of Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2020, via the East.

Quarterly Or and azure, a pink flamingo proper maintaining in its upraised foot a cauldron Or

Consulting herald: Lillia de Vaux

This device was returned on the Oct 2019 East Kingdom Letter of Decisions (

This armory is returned for lack of contrast between the Or legs of the flamingo and the Or portions of the field. There may be low contrast on details which do not count for difference, but there may not be zero contrast.
The submitter wishes to appeal this decision, citing the July 2010 Cover Letter item, From Wreath: Detailing and Identifiability, which states:
As long as the charge maintains its identifiability, minor details, even minor details which are identifying characteristics, may have no contrast with the underlying tinctures.
In addition to this CL item, the submitter has provided several images from Vigil Raber (both the Neustifter Wappenbuch and the "Book of coats of arms of the Arlberg Brotherhood", 1548) and Siebmacher of birds with low- or no-contrast beaks and/or legs, in support of the premise that birds' beaks and/or legs appear to be "minor details," meaning the original submission should have been forwarded to Laurel to consider the 2010 precedent instead of being returned by Kingdom.

As this is an appeal of a prior decision, the Admin Handbook requires that Kingdom forward it; we include it on this internal letter of intent for clarity of record-keeping and to allow additional commentary prior to placing it on an external letter.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

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