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Ansteorra ILoI - 2023-04-10

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17: Khadija al-Tashjiani -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
The following changes are allowed: Please keep Khadija; you may change the last name if necessary
Culture (13th C. Persian) most important.

Submitted through the Barony of Bonwicke

Khadija has been used since the 7th century AD. She was the prophet Muhammed's wife.

al is an article, and can mean "of" "the" or "from"

Tashjian is an Armenian surname, meaning "stonemason." I cannot find it's origins.

Added documentation from Gulf Wars-

Khadija : Arabic Feminine given name. Historical use - first wife of prophet Muhammad, used in 7th century Arabia - Encyclopedia Britannica -


Zeidan, Adam. "Khadījah". Encyclopedia Britannica, 1 Jan. 2023, Accessed 4 April 2023.

Period Arabic Names and naming practices, Da'ud ibn Auda SCA college of Arms Name articles Feminine Isms (given names)

Tashjian - Armenian Patronymic from the occupational name for stonemason.

Source- Dictionary of American family names, 2nd edition. Volume 3 Patrick Hanks from the Turkish Tasci - ottoman empire.

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