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Calontir ILoI - 2023-04-05

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1: Aurick Redmark -New Name (NP)

Spelling (Aurick Redmark) most important.

Aurick - Manx given name found in in the record of Aurick Corjeige, Death or Burial Date 21 Oct 1623, Place Michael, Isle of Man. Batch: V01065-5 The attached image clearly shows the name.

Redmark - constructed English place name. One of the meanings in the MED s.v. mark(e) (n. 1) is a land, region or territory. ( [ ] ). That makes it a generic toponym.

Juliana de Luna's "Compound Placenames in English" ( gives evidence of the pattern of Family Name + Generic Toponym for place names, including Fygmershe and Ballardes Wood.

Red is an English family name/surname found in Bardsley s.n. Read dated to the 1st year of the reign of Edward III or 1327.

Therefore, Redmark is a constructed English place name for a territory or land belonging to a family surnamed Red.

SENA Appendix A supports the use of unmarked locatives in Middle/Early Modern English.

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