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Atenveldt LoI - 2023-02-25

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This item was on the 05-2023 LoAR

7: Isabel Vargas de Huancavalica Inca - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Atenveldt LoI of February 25, 2023 as submitted.

Per saltire argent and Or, a cat statant gardant sable

The feline creature reprensents a jaguar, one of the beasts of strength and power to the Inca. Its rather angular appearance comes from it use on textiles, a very common motif in highly-valued Incan weavings. Before the Spanish introduction, weaving was work performed by women, and it was prized and held high status. Even the Incan ruler Atahualpa was said to be puzzled by Pizarro's desire for gold and silver rather than for raw materials like wool and his kingdom's fine textiles. The beast retains its identity, even somewhat apart from naturalistic form.

Christine von Guttin registered a very angular cat in August 2004 without comment: Azure, a cat statant guardant and on a chief Or, three crosses formy sable.

Examples of period Incan "angular" woven felines (and Christine's, too) are included.

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