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East LoI - 2023-02-25

This item was on the 05-2023 LoAR

2: Appleholm, Canton of - New Branch Name Change (KLoI)

OSCAR NOTE: the old name was registered in January of 1990, via the East.

Old Item: Whyt Whey, Canton of, to be released.
Language/Culture (English) most important.
Meaning (Apple Island) most important.

Appleholm is a constructed Middle English place name.

Apple is an English word for a variety of tree-borne fruit.

The Middle English Dictionary (s.n. appel) provides and example from Boece (circa 1380).

Chaucer's translation of a work by Boethius:

"And autumpne comith ayein hevy of apples."

The Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names (Watts) provides examples of its use in compound place names such as Applby, Appleford, and Appleton.

Holm is an element of English place names meaning 'land rising from the water, such as islands in a harbor or a meadow by the side of a stream.'

The Middle English Dictionary (s.n. hōlm) provides an example for Promptorium Parvulorum (1440)

Anglicus Galfridus's Middle English-to=Latin dictionary:

"Holm, of a sonde yn the see."

English Place-Name Elements (Smith, s.n. holmr) provides examples of its use in compound place names with varieties of plants such as Brackenholm, Bromholm and Dockholm.

A petition of support signed by all five branch officers is included with this submission. This fulfills the Admin Handbook requirement that any such petition be signed by at least three-quarters of the branch's officers.

We, the undersigned members and officers of the Canton currently known as Whyt Whey, in the East Kingdom's Crown Province of Østgarðr, hereby affirm our support for changing the name of our branch to the Canton of Appleholm.

Signed by

Alienor Salton, Canton Seneschal 12/11/2022

Ibrahim al-Rashid, Canton Exchequer 12/11/2022

Mathghamhaìn Ua Ruadháin, Canton Herald 12/11/2022

Angelica di Nova Lipa, Canton Chatelaine 12/11/2022 and

Simon Talbot, Canton Webminister 12/12/2022

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