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West LoI - 2021-04-30

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This item was on the 07-2021 LoAR

4: Crystal of Hightower - New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No changes.
Spelling (Crystal of Hightower) most important.

The submitter will NOT allow ANY changes, and cares about the spelling (Crystal of Hightower) and gender (female) of the name.

Crystal - interpolated spelling of a given name found as Cristal, Cristall, Cristole, Crystall, and Crystoll in Symon Freser of Lovat, "13th & 14th Century Scottish Names" []

of Hightower - locative byname constructed based on documentation from the MED. High- prototheme: (1205) Fine R.King John 280: Hugo de Heland. (1296) Sus.RS 10 9: Johanne atte Heghetun. (1296) Sus.RS 10 16: Simon atte Heghelond. (1324) in Ewen Surnames Brit. 162: Del Heghgate. (1327) in Ewen Surnames Brit. 177: Atte heyweye. (1327) WSAS 7 246: Robertus Hybones. -tower as a deuterotheme or part of a compound place name: (1379-80) in Sundby Dial.Wor. 112: Joh. atte Turhul. (c1470) Paston 1.435: A gret fowler lying in Bedfordes Towre wyth iij chambirs.

And "high towers" in a normal phrase, not an attested place name, showing the tower spelling: c1465 Hiegh towers (Cmb Gg.4.12) 1: Hiegh Towers by strong wyndes full lowe be cast When the lowe Cotages stand sure & fast.

And showing the "high" spelling (in another meaning): a1450(c1410) Lovel. Grail (Corp-C 80) 15.566: ╚ťoure devocions doth therto..With high Contricioun. a1500(?c1450) Merlin (Cmb Ff.3.11) 460: Merlin..badde hem departe the turnement, for it was high tyme. c1450(c1380) Chaucer HF (Benson-Robinson) 1649: Such a smoke gan out wende Out of his foule trumpes ende..As doth where that men melteled, Loo, al on high fro the tuel.

The English language name formation <given + byname> can be found in SENA Appendix A. Per SENA Appendix C, Scots is included in the English/Welsh group.

Notes from consulting herald: Her legal given name is Crystal, just in case we need that, because spelling is most important.

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