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Avacal LoI dated 2023-11-06

We received 6 submissions. We will discuss the submissions at our decision meeting on November 20, 2023 via Zoom at 7:00PM MST. Please contact our White Wyvern to be invited to the meeting.

1: Dolce Adalina Margarita Machiavelli -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Avacal LoI of August 31, 2023 as submitted.

Gules, a domestic cat sejant guardant argent and a card-pique sable

Device was returned on the August 2023 Kingdom letter the positioning of the tertiary charge on the hip of the cat was not found in period.

2: Freydis of Windwyrm -New Name (NP) & New Device

Per chevron throughout purpure and argent, two bees and a raven closed leg raised proper

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No changes.
Spelling most important.

Freydis is a feminine personal name listed on p. 70 in Nordiskt runnamnslexikon by Lena Peterson ( [ ] ). The name is found on runestone U 390 in Sigtuna ( [ ] ).

Freydis is also listed in Old Norse Women's Names by Gunnvôr silfrahárr s.n. Freydís, Frøydís ( "The OW.Norse form of this name is Freydís. Found in a runic inscription in the nominative form frau×tis. The name Freydís is found in Eiríks saga rauða (, c. late 1100's, and in Grænlendinga saga ( (1382-1395) for the daughter of Eiríkr rauðr."

Of Windwyrn

Branch name allowance

3: Sandeshend, Shire of -New Branch Name & New Device

Or, above a ford proper, an Alberta Pincushion Cactus proper, surrounded by a wreath vert

Meaning (Sand or desert) most important.

Name Documentation and Consultation Notes (attach additional sheets and documentation as needed.)

Sandeshende dated to 13th & 14th centuries in Watts s.n. Sandsend

Although Sandsend has a wikipedia page ( ) but not listed in

NPN4.D.1 states that "Entities that we protect include places (countries, regions, and cities)" and this is a small village. Further to that this section also states that "Entities that are not important enough to have an entry in a standard print encyclopedia, such as the Encyclopedia Britannica or an equivalent non-English encyclopedia, are not important enough to protect". Since there is no entry in for Sandsend we believe that there is no presumption here for the small village. Sandsend is part of the civil parish of Lythe which is the lowest tier of local government in England. So it's even smaller the the local government tier.

Closest conflict found during consulting Woods End, Canton of This branch-name was registered in June of 2020 (via the Middle). Should be clear due to substantial single sylabell differnce "Woods" vs "Sands" both in look and sound.

Petition from group is to be attached.

4: Sandeshend, Shire of -New Badge

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Or, above a ford, an Alberta Pincushion Cactus proper


Avacal College of Heralds

OSCAR counts 1 Name, 1 Branch Name, 3 Devices and 1 Badge. There are a total of 6 items submitted on this letter.

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