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Ealdormere LoI dated 2023-09-24

Greetings to Emma Laurel, Elisabetta Pelican, and Iago Wreath from Dietrich Red Escutcheon and Acting Green Mantle:

We humbly submit for consideration and registration by the College the following names and armoury. These submissions are from Pennsic Herald's Point.

1: Alexandra Athenaia - New Name (KLoI) (NP) & New Device (KLoI)

Argent, three whelk shells azure and a ford proper

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No holding name.
No major changes.
Sound (most important to keep Alexandra) most important.

Alexandra : There are 143 LGPN results for feminineἈλεξάνδρα. Dates range from (code hell.) 323BC - 31BC in Antheon to 324 or 378AD in Kadoi. Wikipedia Classical Greek transliteration is Alexandra. E%91%CE%9D%CE%94%CE%A1%CE%91 Athenaia : is a locative byname for Greece from ASimple Guide to Classical Greek Names by Ursula Georges

2: Ascelyn of Ben Dunfirth - New Badge (KLoI)

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Sable, a stag's attire palewise gules

This is an IAP. In Siebmacher we can demonstrate a pattern of gules charges on sable fields:

Pg 75/Plate 55 V:Kesslitz Per bend gules and sable, a bend argent between two estoiles argent and gules.

Pg 141/Plate 121 Die Themar Per chevron throughout Or and sable, three roses two and one gules.

Pg 178/Plate 158 Die Thomshirn Quarterly barry argent and azure and sable, the sable quarters charged with a Caucasian male argent vested gules.

P181/plate 161 Die Zimmer Per pale sable and gules, two horns counterchanged.

P182/plate 162 v Berbisdorf per pale gules and sable, two Caucasian arms argent vested counterchanged maintaining a crown argent in chief an estoile Or.

P187/plate 167 V Homberg Per pale sable and argent, a lion gules and three batons sable.

P202/plate 182 V Radenhavesen Per pale gules and sable, an eagle counterchanged.

P226/plate 206 Die Grolandt Sable, a rose gules slipped vert.

As can be seen, all types of charges, animate and inanimate, geometric and non-geometric were placed gules on sable fields. These charges were placed solo or with other charges. In addition, low contrast gules on sable can be seen with tertiary charges:

P166/plate 146 Flanse Argent, on an eagle sable, a crescent gules.

P179/plate 159 V Breidenbach Argent, on a wing sable a Z gules.

P185/plate 165 V Ossa Argent, on a bend sinister sable, three roundels gules.

A stag's attire can be found on P145/Plate 125 Hirschberg.

3: Elias Forester - New Name (KLoI) (NP)

Sound (Elias) most important.

Elias: found in Bardsley, p. 67, sn Atwater: Elias Atewater, co Camb, 1273 CE.

Forester: Rebecka Forester (female), christened 4 Mar 1594 in London, England.

Batch No: P00154-1

Ragged Staff has also added the following:

We also have Forester in Names from 13th Century Northumberland: Raw Data, by Sara L. Uckelman

The name shows up in the data as Adam le Forester. SENA Appendix A shows that the marker |le| can be omitted.

4: Elsebeth Farberyn - New Badge (KLoI)

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2016, via Ealdormere.

(Fieldless) In saltire a thistle slipped and leaved vert and a thistle slipped and leaved purpure

5: Magdalena de l'appetit - New Name (KLoI) (NP) & New Device (KLoI)

Magdalena de l'appetit

Per pall gules and argent and Or, a stag's head affronty sable

No holding name.
No major changes.
Sound (Submitter would like the play on words with Appetite and Petite in the last name) most important.

Magdalena - "Italian Renaissance Women's Names" by Rhian Lyth of Blackmoor Vale lists this name as a feminine name from Florence dated to the 14th and 15th C.

appetit is a French noun for 'appetite' found in Trésor de la Langue Française informatisé, s.v. appétit, dated c1180 in the spelling apetit and 1370-2 in the spelling appetit (;s=3793560540;?b=0;).

Per SENA Appendix C, we can mix late period French and Italian Per SENA Appendix A, the French descriptive bynames do not need further documentation.

de l'appetit I believe follows this pattern. The College is requesting assistance documenting the name de l'appetit and the pattern.

6: Sibylle Katterina Holloway - New Name (KLoI) (NP) & New Device (KLoI)

Vert, three butterflies argent within an orle Or

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No holding name.
No major changes.
Spelling (spelling of Sibylle) most important.

Sibylle is a feminine given name found in the DMNES in New High German as Sibilla in 1497 - - submitter would like to swap the second i for a y and end the name on an e.

Katterina is a German feminine given name found in St. Gabriel Report 3164, which states in part that this name spelling is a German form of Katherine found in the 14th and 15th centuries -

Holloway is the submitter's legal surname, witnessed on a Canadian driver's license by Lillia Crampette and Wynne ap Rhodri at Pennsic 50, PHP.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

7: Sibylle Katterina Holloway - New Badge (KLoI)

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

(Fieldless) A butterfly argent within and conjoined to an annulet Or

As always, kindest thanks to all those who take the time to comment.

In service to Their Majesties Ealdormere I remain,

Dietrich, Green Mantle (Acting)

OSCAR counts 4 New Names, 3 New Devices and 3 New Badges. These 10 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $40 for them. There are a total of 10 items submitted on this letter.

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