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Palimpsest Rules Letter dated 2023-08-30

This Rules Letter contains alternate titles in Nahuatl proposed by Kallinikos Gavras, Rouge Scarpe Herald. All I have done is format his proposal for the Rules Letter. I wish to thank Kallinikos for sharing his research.

1: Alternate Titles - Nahuatl - New Other

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

[Note: "I" in the following entries refers to Kallinikos Rouge Scarpe - JM]

Image 1 shows the alternate titles in table format. No alternate is proposed for Knight (title). The gender-neutral titles are the same as the masculine titles. A note to be included with the table makes this clear:

Note: All titles can be used regardless of gender unless the title specifically contains the word for "woman" (Cihua).

Rank: Crown

  • Gender Neutral: Huey Tlatoani
  • Masculine: Huey Tlatoani
  • Feminine: Huey Cihuatlatoani
    • Meaning: Great (Huey) + Speaker (Tlatoani); Great(Huey) + Woman(Cihua) Speaker (Tlatoani)
    • Definition: Hereditary leader of a Nahua city-state who ruled over other city-states .
    • Note: Any Nahuatl-speaking ruler was a Tlatoani, one who ruled over several other cities was a Huey Tlatoani, or "Great Speaker". Huey Tlatoani is sometimes translated as Emperor, but was the title of the ruler in Tenochtitlan and seems more accurate for our kings

Rank: Coronet

Rank: Duchy

Rank: County

Rank: Viscounty

Rank: Peerage Order

  • Gender Neutral: Tlamatini
  • Masculine: Tlamatini
  • Feminine: Cihuatlamatini
    • Meaning: Wise Person (Tlamatini); Woman (Cihua) + Wise Person (Tlamatini)
    • Definition: A scholar or sage; a wise person
    • Note: No attestation of Cihuatlamatini exists in Classical Nahuatl, the word is extrapolated. It is used in modern Nahuatl.

Rank: Knight (noun)

Rank: Barony

  • Gender Neutral: Cuautlatoani
  • Masculine: Cuautlatoani
  • Feminine: Cihuacuautlatoani
    • Meaning: Eagle (Cuautl) + Speaker (Tlatoani); Cihua (Woman) + Eagle (Cuautl) + Speaker (Tlatoani)
    • Definition: A military and administrative governor of a city who was appointed by a Huey Tlatoani to govern it in their name.
    • Note: Tlatoani could also be used for governors of a single city-state, though I feel that might lead to more confusion since Tlatoani is often translated as king, and the appointed nature of Cauatlatoani better fits the role of our landed baronage. I could not find any evidence of female Cuautlatoanis, the term is extrapolated based on Nahuatl grammar.

Rank: Award or Grant of Arms

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Jeanne Marie


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