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Middle ILoI dated 2023-11-03

PENNSIC Submissions

Third and Final letter for Middle Kingdom

Greetings unto Baron Gilebert le Braceur, and the commenting Heralds of the Middle Kingdom.

Please consider the merits of these items and complete your commentary by December 10th, 2023.

1: Ainbthine Hergeirskona -New Name (NP)

No major changes.

Ainbthine is a Gaelic feminine saint's name. The phrase "ainbthine mor ina timchell." appears in The Passions and the Homilies from Leabhar Breac ( This source is dated 900-1200. The later form Ainbhthen is found in the Martyrology of Donegal, based on 12th century annals, but compiled in the early 17th century.

**We ask for assistance documenting the submitter's preferred spelling, Ainbthine.**

Hergeirskona is a married name derived from the Old Norse name Hergeirr. It can be constructed from the Old Norse themes Her- and -geirr found in Geirr Bassi: Herfiðr, Hergrímr, and Herstein, and Hálfgeirr, Hallgeirr, and Ásgeirr. The expected genitive form is Hergeirs-, with Geirr > Geirs- also found in Geirr Bassi.

kona 'wife' is a relationship particle found in Icelandic in App A of SENA.

Gaelic and Scandinavian can be combined pre-1100 per App C of SENA.

Allows adding/deleting of a word like "de" or "the" or changing language when the change is small

2: Anna von Rabenstein -New Name (NP) & New Device

Argent, on a bend sinister between two mountains couped azure, three ravens palewise argent.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No holding name.
Client requests authenticity for early 16th century Germany.

Anna is an Early Modern German feminine given name found in 1401 Anna (nom) UrkKH-2 907in DMNES s.v. Anne

von is the standard German locative form.

Rabenstein is a German surname found in Brechenmacher, Etymologisches Worterbuch der Deutschen Familiennamen vol. K-Z s.v. Rabenstein Gregor Rabenstein zu Merseburg MM 83 u.a. p.363. The castle of Rabenstein is first mentioned in 1336 in a grant by Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV. There are other castles of this name in Germany and Switzerland.

3: Benedictus vom Swartewolt -New Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in February of 2020, via the Middle.

Argent, on a cross gules between in bend sinister a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy sable, two arrows in cross argent

Previous submission in Midrealm was returned for conflict and style. This is a complete redesign. arrows points to base and to sinister.

4: Carolus Ganter -New Name (NP) & New Device

Vert, a natural panther rampant argent marked sable, maintaining in its dexter forepaw a broken sword inverted argent

No holding name.
Sound (Kar-o-lus) most important.

Carolus is a masculine given name found in DMNES, s.n. Charles (, as a Latin nominative form found in Germany in 882, and in France in 1534 and 1564.

Ganter: found as a German surname in FamilySearch: Michael Genter, 6 Nov 1650, Gütenbach, Triberg, Baden, Deutschland, batch M94538-1 The German instance of the given name is too early to be combined with the late period surname. French and German, however, can be combined within 300 years per App C of SENA.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

5: Charite Le Lièvre -New Name (NP) & New Device

Quarterly sable and purpure, a fox courant within an orle argent

No holding name.
No major changes.
Client requests authenticity for Prefers to stay French, but maybe ok with changes if needed.
Meaning (cares most about the meaning of the given name being charity) most important.

Charite is a feminine given name found in DMNES, s.n. Charity, dated to 1566 in England (Early Modern English).

Le Lièvre is a French surname found 4 times in 1587 in "Late Period French Surnames (used by women)" by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (

English and French can be combined under App C of SENA.

6: Danica of Gwyntarian -New Name (NP) & New Device

Per pale Or and azure, a musimon rampant sable, in chief two borage flowers slipped and leaved counterchanged, on a point pointed sable, in pale a decrescent conjoined to a cross formy Or.

No holding name.

Danica is a modern Slavic name meaning "morning star;" the submitter will accept any name that sounds or is spelled like that.

FamilySearch has Danica Guyot, married 1607, Scye, Haute-Saône, Franche-Comté, France without a batch or image ( However, the Haute-Saône archives are available online. During overnight commentary during Pennsic, Noir Licorne thought that the 1607 records are on image 17 of but she could not see this marriage record and asks for assistance confirming the name.

Ancestry claims that Danica Framiton was baptized 30 July 1602, in London (the image is attached). Assistance confirming the paleography is appreciated.

FamilySearch has Michel Georg Hesingers and Danica Heses married Oct. 1621 in Württemberg, Germany without batch or image (; however, Ancestry does have the image (attached). We ask for assistance confirming the name.

Lastly, Danica is discussed in Vladimir R. Polomac as a 16th-17th century name. "Ženska imena u Pomeniku manastira Sv. Trojice kod Pljevalja (XVI vek)" [Female Names in the Commemorative Book of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Pljevlja (XVI Century)]

["In the category of self-created/generated names we also find Danica (x 10) (after the name of the morning star)...."]

Gwyntarian is the registered name of an SCA branch registered in 1986.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

7: Dietrich von Hamburg -New Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in February of 1992, via the Middle.

Per pale Or and sable all semy of arrows, a double headed eagle maintaining a hammer and a carpenters square all counter-changed

8: Elwyn ferch Alwyn -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in February of 1987, via the Middle.

(Fieldless) A partridge argent maintaining in its beak a sprig of laurel vert

Partridges have been known to the English since c1300, OED s.v. partridge n., "c1300 A ȝong partrich he bar on his hond, and þare-with he gan pleye. St. John Evangelist (Laud MS.) 316 in C. Horstmann, Early South-English Legendary (1887) 411 (Middle English Dictionary)".

See attached image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "The Unicorn is Attacked", ca. 1495???1505, [ ] . In the image, the partridges are on the left hand side, with a very visible forward-curving doo-dad on the head.

We have never blazoned a bird as a partridge in the Society, so this is the defining instance of this charge.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

9: Ezra de Barcelona -New Name (NP) & New Device

Per bend gules and sable, in bend sinister three doves volant argent

No holding name.
No major changes.

Ezra is a masculine given Jewish name. "Abraham ibn Ezra" was a poet from 1093 Tudela in Spain. "Ibn Ezra" is a patronymic meaning "son of Ezra" thus "Ezra" is a given from the same period. Ezra also appears as a given Jewish names in other sources from the same period including

de Barcelona is a locative byname meaning "of Barcelona". Under PN2.C.2b and Appendix C Jewish personal names may be mixed with locative names of the region the person is from

10: Fye Fey -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Spelling (really likes Fye Fey with the same letters reversed.) most important.

Fye is a fifteenth century German feminine given name found in Brian Scott (Talan Gwynek) 15th-Century German Women's Names on

Fey is a German surname found in Bahlow/Gentry s.v. Fey, Feyn Barlow says "Fye (is found) several times around around 1300 in Wetzler."

Note: Although it became a surname, it was originally a nickname for Sophia. However, double given names are allowed in German SENA Appendix A.

11: Gisla volva Hrefnudottir -New Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2022, via the Middle.

Argent, a pall inverted between three ravens contourny sable

12: Hiki Koumori -New Name (NP) & New Device

Argent, a winged boar rampant sable charged with a heart Or

No holding name.
Client requests authenticity for Japan, any era.
Meaning (Koumori meaning Bat, overall pun for Hikikomori sound) most important.

Surname: Hiki比企 in NCMJ, Historical Surnames section/table, under "hi" header. 1332

Given Name: Koumori 蝙蝠, こうもり

Using feminine name pattern from NCMJ Personal Names section, under "Japanese Women"header - native Japanese pronunciation with auspicious meanings, and nature names such as insects and small animals. Bats are considered fortuitous.

Submitter intends for the Hikikomori pun, which is modern Japanese slang for a shut in.

Please color the eye, teeth and pizzle gold and the tongue red. These are not blazonable details.

13: Iakovos the Illegal -New Name (NP) & New Device

Vert, a double-headed eagle displayed argent, in chief three estoiles Or

No holding name.

We believe Iakavos is the Greek form of Jacob. The Latinized form Iacobus appears in Berret Chavez Common Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the 6th and 7th Centuries

the Illegal is Lingua Societatis for the nickname bestowed on Iakovos by Duke Sir Edmund the King of the Midrealm because the submitter was taller than Edmund, which the king regarded as illegal. Iakovos would prefer to have the byname in Byzantine Greek. The consulting herald's tentative guess is this might be "ho anomos" but could not access an online premodern Greek dictionary at this time to confirm or correct this.

If this byname is not registerable, the submitter will accept a Greek byname meaning 'the tall'.

14: Karayil Nakkan Cani -New Transfer of Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in August of 2019, via the Middle.

Per fess purpure and argent, a crescent and a lotus flower in profile countercharged

15: Karayil Nakkan Cani -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in August of 2019, via the Middle.

Argent, an iris sable enflamed proper.

16: Leiff feilan -New Name (NP) & New Device

Or, in fess a tree eradicated sustained by a fox rampant proper.

No holding name.

"Leiff" is a masculine Norwegian name dated to 1491 in [Lind Dopnamn] col 735.

"feilan" appears in Geir Bassi as a descriptive byname meaning "wolf cub"

17: Lucia de Bisaccia -New Name (NP) & New Device

Purpure, three candles argent flamed Or, a bordure argent semy of forget-me-nots azure

No holding name.

Lucia is found in "Feminine Names from 15th-Century Bologna (Italy)" by Gigi Coulson. Lucia is a feminine given name with 7 documented instances.

di Bisaccia is found in "Discorsi delle famiglie estinte..." by Don Ferrante della Mara, 1641 ( in a discussion on the family Cotigni O Basaccia.

18: Magnus Gleðill Vermundsson -New Name (NP) & New Device

Quarterly indented sable and Or, an eagle displayed gules

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No holding name.
Sound (Vermundsson) most important.

Magnus is a masculine Old Norse given name found in GB p 13, marked as from the Landnamabok

Gleðill is an Old Norse descriptive byname found in GB p 21, marked as from the Landnamabok

Vermundarson is an Old Norse patronymic formed from the masculine given name Vermundr, marked as from the Landnamabok, found in GB p 15, the grammar for the patronymic on pp 17-18. The genitive of Vermundr is Vermundar. Construction per GB pp 18-19.

Clear of Milton and Brandenberg via SC for field.

19: Mahala of the Grove -New Name (NP)

No major changes.
Spelling (Mahala is most important as it is the submitter's legal name) most important.

Mahala a feminine Hebrew name meaning 'tenderness' that is found in the Book of Numbers. It is also the submitter's legal given name per their driver's license, as witnessed by Lillia Crampette and Thomas Heyworth at Pennsic Heralds Point.

of the Grove is a toponymic byname based on a byname found in the MED, s.v. grove: (1251) Close R.Hen.III415 : R. de la Grove.

Per App A of SENA, of and de can be used interchangeably in Middle English.

20: Meave O'Currane -New Augmentation of Arms

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Meave O'Currane in October of 2010, via the Middle.

Per pall counter-ermine, Or, and azure, in fess a threaded needle sable and an open book argent, for augmentation on the book a wreath wreathed vert and argent

21: Meriel FitzWilliam -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in August of 1997, via the Middle.

(Fieldless) Conjoined in pale a goat statant argent and a table-trestle Or

22: Richard Barclay -New Name (NP) & New Device

Per bend sinister argent and azure, a ragged staff palewise proper and a wood carving knife argent

No holding name.

Richard: English masculine given name listed in English Names from Pre-1600 Brass Inscriptions by Julian Goodwyn, with a frequency count of 121.

Barclay is found in Family Search in the Marriage record of Alexander Barclay (Batch M11695-6) "Scotland Marriages, 1561-1910", database, FamilySearch ( : 11 February 2020), Alexander Barclay, 1649.

23: Ruth Waters -New Name (NP)

No major changes.
Sound (sound of "Ruth") most important.

Ruth is found in Familysearch: Ruth Hampton; female; marriage 20 Oct 1625; Liddington, Rutland, England; batch no. M06170-2;

Waters is found on the same site: Elizabeth Waters 1579 SWAFFAM PRIOR, CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND Father's Name William Waters C13835-1

M batches (except M17 & M18) and C batches are sufficient documentation per precedent.

24: Sorsha Anne Cunningham -New Name (NP) & New Device

Vert, a pall between three oak leaves, within a bordure argent.

No holding name.
Spelling (spelling of 'Sorsha') most important.

"Sorsha": "Sorcha" is an Early Modern Irish Gaelic female given name dated from 1480 and 1639, appearing in "Index of Names in Irish Annals" by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (

Note: Submitter would strongly prefer the spelling "Sorsha" if it can be documented.

"Anne" is found in "A List of Feminine Personal Names Found in Scottish Records" by by Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott, [email protected] in the list of post- 1400 feminine names. "Anne 1529 [YUT, 830]; 1586 [WHITELOCK, 812]"

"Cunningham" is found inFamilysearch, in the record of the marriage of David Cunningham on 29 Jul 1591 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland Batch Number: M19503-9 (an accepted batch per precedent).

Irish and Scots are a permitted lingual mix per Appendix C of SENA.

Note: Submitter would strongly prefer the spelling "Sorsha" if it can be documented.

Submitter will allow the removal of "Anne" if necessary for registration.

25: Timothy Dragonet the Quiet -New Name (NP) & New Device

Per fess Or and purpure, a dragon sejant argent between three hammers counterchanged

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No holding name.
Meaning (cares most about Dragonet) most important.

Timothy is a masculine English given name found dated in this spelling to 1549, 1551, and 1553 in the DMNES (

Dragonet is a masculine French given name found in FRENCH / OCCITAN NAMES FROM THE XIII CENTURY (C,D) by Ramons lo Montalbes ( It can serve as an unmarked patronymic and SENA allows English French mixes after 1200.

the Quiet is an English descriptive byname - OED has "Whare pese and quiet suld bityde", c. 1375

Reaney and Wilson shows Richard le Stile dated 1275, glossed as "the still, the quiet." This shows that "the quiet" is a reasonable byname.

SENA allows for a given+patronym+descrip pattern

26: Togashi Ryuukata -New Name (NP) & New Device

Azure, within an annulet three fish in triskele heads to center argent

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No holding name.
Client requests authenticity for Japan, any era.

Yobina: Ryukataりゅうかた 龍加多 on-yomi readings for yobina. All parts for this pulled from NCMJ using the phonetic index.

龍 Ryuu : Thematic Dictionary - Beasts & Monsters, under "Ryuu" Header

加 Ka : Thematic Dictionary - Groups & Relationships, under "Ka" Header 多 Ta : Thematic Dictionary - Number & Quantity, under "Ta" Header

Surname: Togashi とがし 冨樫 kun-yomi readings for surnames.

Togashi is in Takeshi, Abe; Keiko, Nishimura (1990), Sengoku Jinmei Jiten Concise hen, Shinjin Oraisha, ISBN 4-404-01752-9 which is the source that pulls Togashi from as a surname.

Page 538 starts with the Togashi [Clan] 冨樫[氏] and lists Togashi Yasutoshi (1511-1574), Togashi Harusada ( ? - circa 1570)

The tails are curved to the fish's left!

27: Vandill Finnvarðarson -New Name Change (NP)

OSCAR NOTE: 'Old Item' should contain the former primary name. The form that is there is not a registered name.

Old Item: , to be released.
Submitter desires a masculine name.
Meaning (really wants meaning Finnvarth's son) most important.

Vandill is an Old Norse masculine given name found in Geirr-Bassi Haraldsson The Old Norse Name s.v. Old Norse Given Names p.15. Finnvarðarson is an Old Norse patronymic formed from the patronymic rules given in Geirr-Bassi Haraldsson The Old Norse Name s.v. Old Norse Given Names p.17 and the Old Norse masculine given name Finvarðr p.9. Finnvarð is the submitter's stepfather's SCA name.

SH - request Old Name, or change to New**

Yours in service,

L. Markéta z Prahy

Escutcheon Herald, Middle Kingdom

OSCAR counts 18 Names, 1 Name Change, 17 Devices, 3 Badges and 1 Augmentation of Arms. There is 1 transfer. There are a total of 41 items submitted on this letter.

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